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Children's Martial Arts Courses

It's a Fact!


Martial arts promotes learning and teaches respect and discipline, and is a fun way to develop the qualities of good character. It will improve your child's attention span, concentration skills and confidence, giving them a head start in life and a brighter future.

Through expert teaching and positive reinforcement, our award-winning instructors instill in children a respect for parents, teachers, law and order, as well as leadership skills and the ability to say 'no' to unhealthy peer pressure. As a parent, you will witness dramatic and immediate changes in your child's everyday approach to life.

In early life, children are very impressionable. Being bullied at an early age can have a negative impact a child's development and even affect them as an adult. The study of Cobra Martial Arts will strengthen your child in mind, body and spirit, enabling them to cope effectively with bullying.

You may not realise it, but high achievers are not born, they are made. By joining our team, you can put these skills to work in your child. Not only will your child enjoy the fun and excitement of our positive, upbeat program, but they will develop 'real life' skills. 

Please contact us for a school tour, private introductory lesson or a free trial of the group classes.

Little Cobra Martial Arts (Ages 3-5)​


The Little Cobras program teaches children to associate exercise with fun. They learn to enjoy exercise at an early age, develop self confidence, learn to respect their body and mind and develop basic self defence skills.

Children trained in the disciplines and teachings of Cobra Martial Arts are less likely to take up unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and drug use, as they enter primary and high school.


Junior Children (Ages 6-9) and Senior Children Martial Arts (Ages 10-14)​


A psychology study conducted in the US found that children in martial arts have an increased sense of responsibility, a decrease in the willingness to take foolish risks, and a higher sense of self esteem. This is why hundreds of parents are using Cobra Martial Arts to supplement their children's education and upbringing.


Grading 'Belt Promotion' Forms - for Measuring Improvement​


One requirement for children to pass a belt level is that they are required to return a grading form, signed by their school teacher and a parent. On the form is a tracking grid which the student uses to monitor their outstanding performance at home.


Leading up to the grading, your child will tick-off their listed chores each day, such as tidying their bedroom, making their bed and showing 'black belt' respect to their parents. At grading time, you will sign-off as to whether you are happy with your child's behaviour at home, and their school teacher will sign-off that their school work is of a satisfactory standard.

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Little Cobra Martial Arts Circle

Only once this form is returned 'ticked' and with a parent and teacher's signature, will the student be eligible for belt promotion. This Grading Form, combined with other proven behaviour and attitude adjustment techniques, have resulted in instant and immediate improvements in children's behaviour and schoolwork.

13 Years at Cobra Martial Arts - Bradley Murphy (written 7/4/13)​


During the 13 years, I have been training at Cobra, what I see martial arts as has changed a lot. When I first started I was 4 years old (photo below) and it was just a way of doing some cool kicks and punches. Now at age 17, as you can imagine it means a lot more than that! Read more: 13 Years at Cobra Martial Arts - Bradley Murphy (written 7/4/13)

Melissa Marchini, Junior Black Belt (written 23/9/12)​


When I first started Cobra Martial Arts four and a half years ago, I figured it would be a great idea since I didn't enjoy the other sports I participated in such as netball, gymnastics and dancing. Read more: Melissa Marchini, Junior Black Belt (written 23/9/12)

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