Little Cobra Martial Arts (Ages 3-5yo)

Children who are bullied at a young age may be affected for life. It may impact their self confidence, schooling and later their career and family life. At Cobra Martial Arts your child will develop strength in body and mind at an early age, as well as self defence skills. They will learn to hold themselves with strong posture and speak with confidence. Bullies tend to avoid such people to find an easier target.

Little Cobras participate in various training drills to develop:

  • Self Confidence

  • Discipline

  • Focus

  • Coordination

  • Attention span

  • Teamwork

  • Balance

  • Fitness

  • Flexibility

  • Memory

  • Respect for Elders

  • Self defence skills

These are important skills which will assist them in their schooling and later life.

Class Time Options:

Tuesdays: 4pm
Wednesdays: 4pm
Thursdays: 4pm
Saturdays: 12pm

Please contact us for further options, a school tour,  private introductory lesson or a free trial of the group classes.

The "Winners" - Parents & Students

Karate Belt

“On behalf of myself and my wife Emily, we would like to take this opportunity to write and thank you very much for the effect your academies’ martial arts has had on our families lives.....What we found as a family is a whole lot more! Our children have developed a greater level of self-control, respect and confidence which has emanated through their schooling and greatly improved their interaction with their peers.”

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We have two full-time training centres, located in the suburbs of Cannington and Morley. Lessons are conducted during the day, night and weekends, with ample opportunity for you to attend the recommended two classes each week. 


Are you a little nervous about starting? That's normal for most people on their first lesson! You will receive a private introductory lesson, a custom-designed Cobra school uniform, and waive your joining fee with a total value of $248.00, all for just $49.95  Read more

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