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Cobra Martial Arts - A 'True' Martial Art

Cobra Martial Arts and Fitness Centres have been teaching beginners for over 30 years. Through our unique, holistic and balanced Mind - Body - Spirit approach, we guide our students and witness life changing transformations in these areas:



Mental wellness and the champions mindset.
Happiness, fulfilment, self-confidence, self-belief and self-love.
Motivation, the goal setting process and achievement skills.
Counteracting depression.
Healthy friendships and positive mindset, surrounded and supported by a positive group of people and nurturing environment.
Leadership teachings of life champions, life skills, and healthy values.


Physical health, toning, strength and muscular development. 
Flexibility and agility.
Nutrition, health of the body and internal organs and structures.
The ability to protect oneself and loved ones.
Pride in one's presentation, neatness, grooming and posture.
Honoring of the physical body temple by transformation and optimisation into its highest expression.


Spiritual wellness, self actualisation, realignment with life path and soul purpose being the only path to true fulfillment.
Vision, inspiration, reconnection to one's inner voice / intuition.
Reconnection to one's innate and inherited talents, skills and gifts.
To ascend beyond the matrix towards sovereignty and self-sufficiency.
Visualisation for manifestation of one's visions and dreams.
To stand for truth and justice.
Desire to help others, fellow students, the community and our planet.
Gratitude for all one has been given.
Peace, health, wealth, prosperity and abundance in all areas of life.  

You are not expected to be 'in shape', fit, nor flexible to begin training in the Cobra Martial Arts beginner classes. It is OUR job, to work with you, gradually improving your health, fitness and self defence capability. As a beginner it is important that you participate at your own pace and only increase your intensity as your fitness improves. Group or private tuition is available.

Offering the last line of defence against many of life's major threats!

"We all stand on the front lines of a war that threatens the lives of every man, woman and child today. The enemy includes such threats as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, stroke, gang membership, bullying, smoking, drinking, drug use, gaming and social media addiction, low self-esteem, mental disorders, depression, suicide, insufficient exercise, improper diets, school dropout and a lack of goal setting & achievement skills.

Proper martial arts schools such as Cobra, that still teach traditional values, life skills, character development and the body-mind-soul connection (self-mastery), are some of the only places remaining within our society today, where self-discipline, self-control, self-confidence and self-belief; the weapons needed to defeat these enemies, are still being taught."


Sensei Craig Monie

Cobra Martial Arts Founder
& Master Instructor


Our dojo (school) is open:   
Monday - Thursday:  2.00-6.30pm
Saturdays:                       9.30am-1pm

Format of Cobra Martial Arts lessons​


With 30 years of experience, Cobra Martial Arts and Fitness Centres have developed the ultimate class format for achieving rapid results in fitness and self defence skills. Lessons are structured and disciplined, commencing with warm-up exercises, fitness work and strengthening exercises. The lesson progresses onto stretching exercises for improved flexibility, teaching and practice of self defence techniques, combinations, partner-work and pad-work. Sparring is optional.


How and why the Cobra 'Freestyle' or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Concept was developed

The Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres founders are Sensei Craig Monie and Sensei Aubrey Monie who began martial arts training as children. They have studied and achieved varying levels of black belt in five different martial arts styles, being Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Freestyle Kickboxing and Filipino Eskrima.

Read more: How and why the Cobra 'Freestyle' or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Concept was developed.


Locations and Class Timetable​


Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres have three full-time training centres, located in the suburbs of Cannington and Morley in Perth, Western Australia as well as in Geraldton. Group classes are conducted on weekdays and Saturdays. Personal Training (private lessons) are also available by appointment in martial arts and / or fitness and can even be shared with a friend at no extra charge.


​Guaranteed Results!​


Through Cobra Martial Arts lessons you will develop a fitter, stronger, more toned body, with increased confidence, alertness, flexibility and vitality guaranteed! Your mind and body will gradually learn to adapt to the training, thereby preparing you mentally and physically for the challenges of daily life. At a gradual but consistent pace, you will become proficient in self defence, enabling you to protect yourself and your family.




Cobra Martial Arts and Fitness Centres are recognised and active members of the community. Cobra provides free self defence workshops and activities, sponsors local sports clubs and run programs for local council, schools, businesses, pensioners and disabilities. 

martial arts lightened

Cobra Martial Arts and Fitness Centres - Established 30 Years!​


Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres are some of the few, original, long-standing and stable martial arts schools in Western Australia. Martial arts schools are opening and closing down regularly in Perth, however Cobra has stood the test of time and is growing stronger every year, with firm plans already in place for the next 30 years.

Over the past three decades, our highly qualified team of 20 instructors, have become experts at helping local people and families with their fitness, health, weight loss, self-defence capability, self-respect, discipline and confidence. We GUARANTEE to get you into shape and to teach you how to defend yourself, if you commit to the program and you may even be surprised to learn some possibly unexpected skills, such as how to enjoy your life more and achieve your dreams. 


Besides the obvious physical benefits of Cobra Martial Arts training, students report constantly, that their life, including home life, family life, work/career and school/education performance, have also improved, as part of the Cobra Martial Arts training process. Improved self-discipline and the learning of goal-setting skills learned through the program, will help you more than you may realise in other areas of your life, such as if applied to family, career, education, finance and investment.

Surround yourself with positive and motivated people who are achieving their dreams and going places and you will be swept along with us! If it is to be - It is up to me (you!).


Sensei Craig Monie
Cobra Martial Arts Founder & Master Instructor

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