What Martial Arts Means To Me By Melissa Marchini

By Melissa Marchini, Junior Black Belt (written 23/9/12)

When I first started Cobra Martial Arts four and a half years ago, I figured it would be a great idea since I didn't enjoy the other sports I participated in such as netball, gymnastics and dancing.

When I first started learning the white belt (beginner) syllabus it was just the basics : jab, cross, front kick, round house etc. I had a feeling there will be no way I will receive my black belt, as it would take forever, but the months flew by. I asked to become an assistant instructor and was given a position twice a week, helping with the little kids. I has been great fun and I have developed teaching skills and learned about public speaking, posture and confidence.

Cobra Martial Arts has helped me with a lot, including coordination and motivation. Just recently I have been promoted in position at Woolworths, to supervisor, which I'm sure is because of the confidence, respect and determination I have shown, which I developed at Cobra.

I would also like to give a big thank you to Sensei for all his help over the years and to Instructors Moya, Donna and Jackie for pushing me harder and harder, and all the new instructors.. and a big thank you to Instructor Graeme, for his great sparring and pad coaching...thank you for being my punching bag.

And a huge thank you to my mum and dad who have taken me to Cobra over the years and dropped me home, as without all of you I wouldn't be standing out here being presented my Junior Black Belt.

The "Winners" - Parents & Students

Karate Belt

“On behalf of myself and my wife Emily, we would like to take this opportunity to write and thank you very much for the effect your academies’ martial arts has had on our families lives.....What we found as a family is a whole lot more! Our children have developed a greater level of self-control, respect and confidence which has emanated through their schooling and greatly improved their interaction with their peers.”

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