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Your Private Introductory Start-Up Offer

Are you a little nervous about starting? That's normal for most people. Even me, the Master Instructor of Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres was very nervous when attending my first lesson as a child, over 30 years ago. When I speak to other students and even current Black Belts and instructors, they tell me that they were also nervous about starting.

Why are we nervous about turning up to the lesson which will positively change the rest of our life? We don't know what to expect! On contemplating picking up the phone to call, or when on the way to our first lesson, some of the questions running through people's minds include:

  1. I am too unfit, overweight, uncoordinated, inflexible, old etc.  I am not sure if I am suitable for Martial Arts? Let me assure you that most of our beginners are one or more of the above when they start. That's why we are here. Besides learning self-defence, fitness and health development is of the main reasons people are drawn to Cobra. As a beginner you will be with other beginners, must train at your own pace and must only do what you can. We will gradually build your fitness with you, over time!

  2. What if they are a bunch 'heroes' or macho men/women, rude with big egos? I won't fit in, nor feel comfortable? You will not encounter this type of person at our school. The macho, egotistical type of personality doesn't last long at Cobra, as they don't resonate with our energy and purpose. These people either change and become more humble, respectful and disciplined, or they are attracted to a centre which matches their personality and intentions. It is not usually long before we see this type of person helping other students rather than thinking of themselves. Cobra is a family martial arts centre and our students evolve as part of the program.

  3. Will I have to fight or spar, or get beaten up? No! Beginners are not allowed to spar unless they specifically request to, as they simply don't know enough. As you progress, if you choose to spar you may do so.

  4. Do I have to do push-ups and other difficult exercises, because I don't think I could manage that? Relax, you only do what you can. Do not compare yourself to the person next to you. The only person you may wish to compete against is yourself of yesterday, working to make small, but ongoing improvements in your health, fitness, martial arts skills and life, each week. This is know as 'kaizen' by the Samurai, meaning, 'continuous improvement', or 'change for the better'.

​About The Private Introductory Start-Up Offer​


To ease your nerves we are currently running a special Private Introductory Start-Up Offer. It is a one-on-one private lesson taught to you by one of Cobra's specialist instructors, specially chosen by the Master Instructor due to their specialised experience and patience in working with first-time beginners. It is a light session with the sole purpose of introducing you to Cobra Martial Arts.

Our instructors are friendly, polite and patient. As a beginner you must train at your own pace and take a break anytime you need to. Only do what you feel comfortable doing. At Cobra Martial Arts we witness dramatic and immediate fitness improvements in our beginners every week. 

CHILDREN train in classes according to their age, i.e. 3-5yo, 6-9yo, 10-14yo, 15yo+. We have special instructors especially allocated to welcome and assist first-time children. Parents report immediate changes in behaviour, confidence, respect, focus and attention span.

The Private Introductory Start-Up Offer​


You will receive a Private Introductory Lesson (normally $50), an Official Cobra Martial Arts School Uniform (normally $99) if you join and we will waive your joining fee (normally $99), should you wish to continue.

Official Cobra School Uniform - Normally: $99.00

Personal Training Session - Normally: $50.00

Waived Joining Fee - Normally: $99.00

Total Value:$248.00

Pay Only $49.95


This offer is the best way to try Cobra Martial Arts and the best value offer we have ever advertised! There is no obligation to continue.

Phone Cobra NOW on 9358 3000 to book your Private Introductory Start-Up lesson and save almost $200.

Format of the Private Introductory Start-Up Lesson​


It is a low-intensity private session, aimed at introducing you to the school and teaching you the basics before you decide on whether you wish to continue with the group classes or Private Lessons.

Children's Introductory Lesson Format:


  • Discussion about respect for elders, instructors, parents and school teachers.

  • Explanation about how Cobra Martial Arts training teaches and reinforces correct behaviour at home and school.

  • The basic Cobra Martial Arts warm-up and fitness building exercises.

  • Stretching techniques for improving your flexibility.

  • The self defence stance and guard.

  • Basic Punches and Kicks.

  • Basic Self Defence to grabs and holds.

  • How to use the kick pads correctly.

  • Why martial arts must not be used on friends, family, brothers and sisters.

  • How the Cobra Martial Arts belt system of goals, teaches Goal Setting skills, which will be used for the rest of your child's life.

  • Explanation about the belt colours and 'gradings' i.e. belt promotions.

  • Explanation that school grades and behaviour at home must be satisfactory, before parents and the school teacher signs your belt promotion form.

Adult Introductory Lesson Format:

  • Explanation about class format

  • The basic Cobra Martial Arts warm-up and fitness building exercises

  • Stretching techniques for improving your flexibility

  • The Fighting Stance and guard

  • Basic Punches and Kicks

  • Basic Kickboxing / Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Combinations

  • Basic Self Defence to grabs and holds

  • How to use the kick pads correctly

  • Everything you need to know before joining the group lessons!

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