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Personal Training

What makes Cobra Personal Training so different?

Cobra is not a gym, it is a 'dojo'. This Japanese word can be translated as 'way place' or 'the place where we learn the way' (of living). As such, Cobra does not offer quick fix fads which won't last, but rather a holistic approach to fitness training and/or martial arts.


Cobra dojo is a place for evolution of the body, mind and soul, towards the highest version of yourself and you higher purpose. It will improve your mindset, attitude, thinking, motivation, self-esteem, confidence, life and reality.


Tailored Personal Training Options​


Whether it is your goal to become fitter, learn self defence, develop your character, become a black belt, or all of the above, Cobra will prepare you. Below are some of our most popular requests for private (personal one-on-one) training, however we will continually tailor your program to meet your needs.


Cobra Martial Arts for Fitness


By far our most popular personal training program for getting into shape is the Cobra Freestyle Martial Arts program, which combines fitness training with any combination of boxing, kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, self defence and lightweight training. The program is tailored to your needs as you develop. For instance, you might request that your training combines boxing with weight training, whereas another student may wish to include kickboxing and/or weapons training.

There are no sparring or 'fighting' opponents in this program unless you specifically request this to be one of your objectives.

Boxing for Fitness

Cobra Martial Arts for Self Defence


Your goal may be not only to develop fitness but also to learn practical, street-wise self defence. In this case we will modify your program to cover our Rapid-Defence system, so that you will be able to defend yourself, your family and your loved ones. The program includes defence to punches and other strikes, weapon attacks and grabs and holds as well as how to deliver powerful martial arts restraints or strikes with correct technique, speed, power and precision.

Cobra Martial Arts for Qualifications


Many of our students wish to work through our syllabus and achieve certifications and belts and to one day become a Black Belt or an Instructor. In this case, your training will be syllabus-based, teaching you specific belt level requirements in order to work through the belt system and achieve qualifications such as the ultimate award of Black Belt. 

Accelerated Training Program


The popular Accelerated Training Program (ATP) enables you to use Personal Training or a combination of Personal Training and group lessons to double your rate of progress.


For current information on the ATP program please contact our team on (08) 9358 3000.

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