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Junior Children (Ages 6-9yo) and

Senior Children (Ages 10-14yo) Martial Arts

Cobra Martial Arts is more than just punching and kicking. It is a rock-solid, holistic and healthy (physically and mentally) way of living life. At every lesson it is enforced that martial arts values and principles must be extended beyond the dojo (martial arts centre) into home life and schooling.

For example, we salute the instructor before class to show respect and this same respect must also be extended to our parents and school teachers. Behaving and performing well in the dojo is not enough to graduate in belt levels. We monitor that this same behaviour and performance is replicated at home and at school through a tracking form known as a Grading Form.

Additionally, there is a discussion (theory) section at every class known as The Master's Message, where the instructor discusses one of 50 topics with the children each week, such as:

  • Respect and courtesy in the dojo, at home and at school.

  • How to say 'NO' to cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

  • How to stay strong mentally in order to avoid unhealthy peer pressure.

  • The importance of education and study.

  • Inappropriate use of martial arts (e.g. not to be used on siblings or for bullying).

  • Stranger Danger

  • Peer Pressure

  • Goal Setting (all students set goals for school, home and martial arts as part of the course)

Cobra's children's Martial Arts classes include leadership training, which teaches important traits often associated with successful people and leaders, such as:

  • The Goal Setting Process (e.g. we use a coloured belt system to teach children how to set and achieve goals).

  • Leadership skills (e.g. children are gradually prepared to lead class exercises and stretches and from time-to-time will be asked to stand in front of the class to lead sections).

  • Public Speaking skills (e.g. children are taught and constantly reminded about strong posture, standing tall, speaking and replying in a loud, clear and confident voice, and introducing themselves to their partner with a firm hand shake and eye contact).

Senior belt level students may participate in the Instructor Certification program, where they are taught about teaching, class planning and advanced leadership skill development. Advanced students may be invited to further develop their teaching and leadership skills by putting their knowledge into practice by assisting with the classes of younger or lower level children.


Please contact us for further options, a school tour, private introductory lesson or a free trial of the group classes.

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