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Thoughts for the Awakening Soul

By Sensei Craig Monie - Cobra Martial Arts Founder & Master Instructor - Reiki Master

Some of the following may only make sense to those going through an awakening process.

What seems negative ends up eventually being positive and a catalyst for growth in one way or another. The Covid saga for example seemed very negative but may have been a positive for humanity overall. It triggered an awakening process in many, questioning, a shift in awareness. Many have been questioning the narrative, agenda and reality ever since. Patience - you can't rush a river.

Understand the higher picture, roles and purpose, not the physical manifestation which is a very realistic illusion.

Conscious response or compulsive action?

It is written.

Simply stay the course.

We play the roles we chose.

Do not take on more baggage, chains, weights and anchors; unload.

Repair and transform.

Monk Mode or the Hermit Phase is the caterpillar entering the cocoon, to emerge as a butterfly.

You can't pour from an empty cup.

The darkness is afraid of me.

Just be.

Trust the process.

It doesn't matter.

Be in the calm, the eye of the tornado.

Allow, observe; but don't get into the river.

What I feel is not my energy. Use it to trigger you, transmute it into positive action and use it to propel you.

Hold your emotional state.

The only thing in your control is your emotional state.

Nobody is coming to save anybody - it is you that you have been waiting for.

Don't get caught up in the emotions of desperation in searching or waiting; all you need to do is to live your best life.

Do as much positive fun stuff as possible every day.

Your 'now' projects your future.

Escape the matrix.

It is easier to float with the river than fight against it.

Repair and transform.

I've got the magic in me.

My internal condition is unaffected by external situations.

Bring it on.


You are your thoughts.

If you could take your brain out, nothing would bother you - so where do your worries and stresses lie?

You do not fit in because you were created to stand out.

My audios on Youtube: Sensei Craig's Podcast (listen to 1-3 first)  @senseicraigspodcast8709


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