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A Guide for the Advanced Soul

By Sensei Craig Monie, Martial Arts & Reiki Master

(updated 3/3/24) My audios on Youtube: Sensei Craig's Podcast (listen to 1-3 first) @senseicraigspodcast8709

Foreword This is a draft work-in-progress which I will add to from time to time. Rather than wait years before if it complete if ever, I am posting it as I update it. The reason is because over the past few years since Covid in particular I have been approached by some of my students, friends and family who are in a desperate state (e.g., family breakdown, unemployment, homelessness, unwell etc.) and needing support, guidance, and education on critical but suppressed knowledge, which helped them greatly. Life is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle where some pieces have been withheld. Here are some of the missing pieces. The work has not been checked for grammar or spelling and at the moment may appear in places to be out of sequence or repetitive.

The Martial Arts of Energy and Emotions

Martial arts are different to martial sports. Originally martial arts were disciplines of developing the mind, body and soul equally, i.e., self-mastery. As these traditional martial arts moved from the east to western countries where development of the soul, or balancing of the body, mind and soul is not taught or suppressed by mainstream sources of control, martial arts schools in western countries mainly focused on development of the body and to some degree the mind. When competition was introduced, they became martial sports.

I write about the omitted, lost, hidden and suppressed teachings of martial arts (and life), being self-mastery, mastering your emotions, mastering manifestation, and the underlying teachings of energy and chi.

The real fight is not against others but mastering the battle between your own mind, body and soul, being a teaching of the kata Three Battles (Sanchin). Your strongest, most powerful, and deadliest opponent is yourself.

Holding onto negative/lower emotions and energies such as stress, fear, hate, jealousy, worry, regret, shame, guilt, grief, sadness, emptiness, resentment, inadequacy, confusion, and anger, slowly (or rapidly) make you sick, age faster, and imbalanced and diseased in body, mind and soul. Stressing ongoing or regularly or holding unpleasant feelings of negative/lower emotions do not help your situation, it makes it worse and makes you feel worse. Whatever/whoever you allowed to trigger you into feeling these lower emotions is challenging enough to deal with, so why make things worse for yourself by holding onto these lower emotions for longer than useful? It's your choice how you wish to use these powerful emotions/energies. You can use them for lower purposes such as turning to alcohol, drugs, gambling, over-eating, depression, and any other addictions, or you can use them to trigger you into a positive plan and action, thereby transmuting them to higher energy and emotions for your benefit.

Emotion energetic vibrational frequency chart
Emotion energetic vibrational frequency chart

Being angry, bitter, resentful, or any lower emotions (not all shown on the chart) gradually poisons you, not the person (e.g., fake 'friend', co-worker, boss, spouse etc.), group (e.g., work, media, government etc.), or situation (e.g., sickness, poverty, disability etc.) who triggered you into feeling the anger. It actually gives them power over you. You allow them power and control over your emotions and therefore you. It gives your opposition or an enemy an ally. It is exactly what they intended (consciously or subconsciously) their nasty words, behavior or thoughts/wishes against you to do, i.e., harm you and bring you down to a lower frequency, so why allow this when you now have this knowledge, the antidote, the answer? You can reverse it now that you understand emotional energy and the timeless battle between high frequency energy (sometimes referred to as positive) and lower frequency energy (sometimes referred to as negative or evil) forces.

To defeat them and regain your power, study how to transmute that negative, but powerful emotional energy into positive energy for your benefit. Switch the charge from negative to positive but retain its power. That way you use their own force against them, just like we do in martial arts self defence. In effect, they fight themselves and destroy themselves (karma - we all reap what we sow), so any thoughts or wish you may have for revenge, punishment, or harsh judgement should not be dwelled on and should be released. Remember that low frequency thoughts / emotions such as wishing harm, punishment, or revenge on another person, begins within you and radiates from you, so negatively affects you, your life, health, finances, family etc. Become an inner energy alchemist, after all, everything is 'made' from energy, so the answer to everything is here. Everything is made from atoms, which are made from energetic charges such as protons, electrons and neutrons. Energy is the common denominator of everything in the universe, and the source and answer/explanation to/for all things is here. It is where everything is first created before manifesting into our physical reality as experiences, events and things that we interpret as positive or negative. Matter, such as solid objects or liquid are still energy; they are compact energy/light which become perceivable (e.g. able to be touched and/or seen) through the human senses.

Holding anger, jealousy, hate etc., is no different to drinking poison and hoping that the other person dies. It is not necessary to hold these emotions ongoing in order to deal with the problem(s). It actually makes things a lot worse, not only for you, but also your family and those you interact with. It costs you sleep and hooks you into addictions and medication. It leads to anxiety, panic attacks, shallow breathing, muscle tightness, and again, addictions and medication. We should all know by now that mainstream medications are not designed to treat the underlying emotional / energetic imbalances but only relieve some of the symptoms, so the imbalance is still there and will surface again as a disease, mental disorder or injury. Ongoing medication without treating the underlying energetic or emotional problem (or environmental problem such as toxins) leads to serious disease and surgeries. It's a very well thought out and extremely profitable business model devised by people who understand energy and emotions extensively, but who hide this knowledge from the public.

Many lower emotions shallow your breathing, which is your life force, which negatively effects every part of you. So, your body and cells suffocate, you get headaches, you get muscle tightness, spasms, body aches, emotional and physical imbalances and disease. It changes your whole reality for the worse. Change your thinking, beliefs, knowledge, programming, and emotional state to change your reality. Question everything that you have been taught since birth. Just because you have been taught something by parents (which they learned from their parents, and their parents learned from theirs, ongoing...), school, media, doctors, books, science, religious texts, culture, customs, tradition etc., does not mean it is all true, healthy, or for your highest good. Many people in power have had their hands on this information and edited it for their own benefit, such as for power, wealth and control. There is usually some truth and some deception and manipulation, so keep you mind open and no longer be blind. Start using your gut, your intuition and questioning, rather than being a sheep. Come to your own conclusions rather than just believing what you are told. Research information that is for and against your current point of view. Most people will only look at or research information which supports their current beliefs and shun and ridicule other information, as they are strongly programmed (a form of mind control) to only study mainstream information, mainstream publications, specific mainstream literature, specific mainstream journals, mainstream news etc., i.e., they study information which all originates from the same central source of control to support a specific agenda. Often these people are the most highly educated and indoctrinated people in our society and regarded as intelligent by mainstream society, however often their common sense and intuition has been largely shut down through their indoctrination. It takes a master of the ego and self to thoroughly research information which opposes your current belief programming. And be open and willing to change your conclusions as new information and intuition is received.

The meaning of cognitive dissonance
Cognitive dissonance meaning

When you hold negative emotions, your organs begin to deteriorate, and your hormones go out of balance which further effects your emotional state. Your emotional state effects your thoughts, your words, your decisions and your actions. You lose your positive energy, smile, sense of humor, creativity and vitality. Creativity is only accessible when you are in the higher emotional energies, which is why some creative writers get writers block until the go on a holiday and destress. Those who resonate with the lower emotional energies, at those times have little creativity and tend to copy others or follow a procedural template to 'create' (art, architecture etc.) rather than channel new ideas and concepts from their subconscious / universe. When you are in the lower emotional states you become negative and 'dark', bringing misery and misfortune to yourself and everyone around you, rotting the basket wherever you go. You lose energy, develop fatigue, and your adrenals crash, again, effecting your hormones (research adrenal fatigue effect on hormones). You lose good friends and attract people, habits, addictions and situations of similar low vibrational state as you. It is very difficult to attract good, positive things into your life when you are resonating stress and negative emotional energy regularly or ongoing. We are beacons (because we are energy) attracting to us, situations of similar frequency to our emotional state. This is a universal law called the law of attraction. Universal and karmic law are the only true laws. These are the laws of nature and the universe. The laws of our legal systems are not true laws, they are created by people in power towards an agenda.

I highly recommend not watching the news or reading the newspaper. It is a narrative designed to keep you in fear, anger and the lower emotional states, so you take on specific beliefs and state of consciousness (i.e., this is 'your' reality). You will not feel good or better after watching the news, so do something positive and constructive instead. By design, the news will trigger your lowest emotions such as fear through reporting wars, terrorism, mass shootings, and viruses, creating a vibrational prison of your mind. Many people are addicted to the news and social media and can't stop consuming it, even if they want to, even if they try. What you see happening on the news is often true, but the 'reason' they tell you that it is happening is often false and designed to gain your support towards their agenda. There are many good publications which have also been manipulated and corrupted by people in power to ensure they stay in control. They know and use this information about the power of emotional energy and know that if they keep humanity in the lower emotions and therefore desperation and reliance on them, they can better control them and keep them working 9-5, paying their taxes and bills. It is not always easy to identify which parts of a publication or broadcast are genuine and which have been manipulated to put you into a lower frequency state. But now that you know what the lower emotions are, you will be more aware when consuming information and will see the agenda. Can you think of any other publications which program you to be in an emotional state of fear, shame and guilt?

Once you feel stress or any lower emotions, work on moving them out of your body/energy field by transmuting them. Study how to do this, as it is not taught by mainstream organisations, as stressed low frequency people are very profitable, desperate, obedient and therefore easily manipulated and controlled. They will do whatever they are told by those in control, even things not in their best interest, or which may damage their and their family's health. Research the scale of emotions and the energetic vibrational frequency of each. Research the scale of energetic vibrational frequency of other things such as organic foods, packaged foods, household chemicals, types of music including Solfeggio frequencies, essential oils etc., (some charts are below) and decide which types of energies, products and music you currently resonate with, and which you wish to resonate with in the future to bring more ease, happiness, abundance and blessings into your life. Understanding and use of this hidden knowledge is known by the self-proclaimed 'elite' and kept well-guarded, as it is essential for us in order to have a happy and abundant life of freedom and sovereignty. Lower emotions are a vibrational prison, a prison without bars, and most people's reality is within this energetic prison matrix. It is time to be red pilled.

Here is an example of how to transmute lower emotional energy. You can transmute any negative emotion or situation through affirmations, declarations, or prayer, or a combination of these. The stronger you feel that energy / emotion during your affirmation, the more powerful the result will be. We are transmuting/alchemising the 'unseen' into the 'seen', that is, non-physical energy into physical energy, and it can take time to manifest into physical reality, and at other times you will see the results very quickly. Currently, well planned and fueled by social media, we have an epidemic of narcissism. I think almost everyone will be dealing with one or more narcissists at the moment and the 'spiritual purpose' of a narcissist is very interesting and necessary, especially at this unique time in history, and it is worth researching this if you want to understand the situation from a higher perspective to find your solutions. Before you label anyone as a narcissist, research the meaning, types, and 'phrases used by narcissists', to ensure you are not jumping to conclusions. Often narcissists are the first to label others as narcissists, as they are masters of deception, manipulation and reversal/inversion. There is a karmic connection (soul contract) between 'empaths' and narcissists for good reason, so research this if you think you are in any form of a narcissistic relationship with a fake 'friend', parent, spouse, boss etc., and you will then understand why his keeps happening to you and will continue to happen to you until you research, understand and follow the solutions. Let's say that a narcissist in your life has been covertly or openly controlling and/or attacking you, either mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, or all of these. You end up in bad health and taking major losses in many areas. Some people will stay bitter about this for the rest of their life and gradually rot themselves from the inside out, as they will not be taught and don't understand the energetic reason why this is happening. A master of energy will declare something like this to the universe to transmute the negative emotional energy for their benefit. You can use this type of thinking and subsequent decrees and declarations to help you transmute and reverse negative situations in general, but you have to study and understand energy, or you won't have the knowledge and tools to work with. Some people like to write it down and then burn it from time to time or as often as necessary, until they see the results. It must always be done with good intention and nothing negative, as remember, when you do something with negative intention, that frequency fills you before radiating outward from you, which means you attract negativity to yourself (i.e., karma). Doing it with negative intention towards others is no different to a witch casting an evil spell on someone, but the witch eventually begins to deteriorate, look old and haggard, their health declines, their hair and teeth fall out, and their life becomes lonely and miserable.

"I understand that the narcissist was raised by a narcissistic parent(s) and this karmic cycle has been in their bloodline/DNA for many generations. They have little control of themselves at times, as this part of their personality has been handed down to them through their DNA programming and is often regarded as an ancestral or generational curse by those who study energy. They (the soul) chose this family and bloodline for their learning, just as I chose this body and my family for my learning and growth. I understand that relationships are for the purpose of learning and spiritual growth and are not necessarily all meant to be sunshine and rainbows as we have been programmed to believe since birth through mainstream fairy tales and movies. We both chose our lives, situations and relationships on a subconscious (soul) level, for the purpose of growth. The narcissist's job was to trigger unhealed parts of me and trapped emotions from my life, childhood, and prior, so that I now have an opportunity to release them and elevate to a higher level of consciousness, reality, and a better life for myself, my children and descendants. I failed to learn these lessons in past situations and relationships as I was not aware / awake enough to realise that these were learning opportunities, and I did not understand the building blocks of reality, i.e., energy. I was not taught this by my parents (or I ignored them), at school, by doctors, psychologists, science, or the mainstream establishment. I have learned (or am learning) my lessons this time and am studying these teachings. I don't need to continue attracting narcissists and can now exit this karmic cycle. If I had not had this relationship/learning opportunity, I would have continued to attract the same types of relationships, friends, spouses, bosses, family members, and situations until I learned my lessons, in this life, or a future life if I continued to be a slow learner. I thank the narcissist for volunteering to help me with my soul growth and for pointing out/triggering the areas of my personality that were unhealed or lacking but are now healed or more complete. Some major lessons I have learned thanks to them, are that I need to be more discerning, I need to see/feel the red flags early and act on them, I need to trust my gut intuition and develop it daily, I need to set strong boundaries and stick to them without being manipulated to move them, and I need to develop my mind, body, and soul equally (balanced) so the wheels don't fall off as severely or as often in future. I thank the narcissist and the universe for this lesson and elevating me to my next level of consciousness and reality. I hold no grudges, only gratitude." (more on the spiritual understanding of narcissism at the end of this article)

Knowledge of reincarnation, past lives, karma etc., was once common knowledge globally. This information was removed from mainstream teachings a long time ago by the powers that were, and since ridiculed by mainstream sources and their agents such as the mainstream media and mainstream science, to keep it hidden. It is now labelled by mainstream agents the as 'pseudo-science' to deter people from investigating it. An emperor who was also the pope removed teachings of reincarnation from a major religious text around 500AD (research this). You need this knowledge to understand life and to heal unreleased lower emotions and trauma effectively, as healing well involves healing childhood trauma and past lives also. Without this hidden knowledge it is going to be very difficult as you generally need to understand what's happening energetically before you can understand, accept it and heal it. We have an epidemic of sick people with mental health issues, multiple personality disorders and depression, who could really use this knowledge to heal and live a happier life, but who only have medications to turn to because that's all they have been taught. Remember that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another (Albert Einstein - commonly regarded as the most intelligent man of modern times). We and everything else are forms of energy (called consciousness) which are constantly transformed / recycled from non-physical to physical and back again to non-physical..., ongoing.

Ask yourself (you, i.e., your subconscious / soul) regularly to alert you to negative thoughts, so you can immediately rethink / recreate the thought in a more positive way before you allow it to manifest, consume you and ruin your mood, day, year and life. Otherwise, you won't even be aware that you have fallen victim to these lower energies, and you could be stuck in that cycle of reality for days, weeks, months, years, decades or your whole life / lifetimes, without even realising (being conscious) of it. There is a positive and negative interpretation to everything, even to seemingly negative situations and events such as the current world events. You need to find and focus on the positive, and these are often found in the understanding of the energetic / higher view of each so called 'negative' situation. As Bruce Lee taught, is the glass half empty or half full? All negative situations lead to growth and become positive situations in the end, in this lifetime or a future lifetime. The light always defeats the darkness in the long game, as the light (source) created the darkness for a purpose and has full control over it. Actually, there is only light (photons), and darkness is just lack of light, which could be interpreted as a lack of love. Sometimes the words 'love' and 'light' are used interchangeably. So, looking back, we realise that nothing is really negative (in the end) and negative or evil was created and allowed by a higher power for our soul growth. If everything was always perfect and there were no challenges (darkness), would we evolve as souls or stay stagnant?

With practice you will pick up on a negative thoughts and emotion the instant they move from your subconscious (or from anywhere else!) and are implanted into your consciousness. You should replace that thought with a new one from a positive perspective. It's not always easy, because some people as so used to being in a negative emotional state that it is easier and more comfortable to stay there, with what's familiar; and many are not aware, awake, or conscious, or knowledgeable enough to realise that they can change it, nor how to change it. It takes knowledge (or intuition) and effort to change an old habit to a new one and many people are 'comfortable' and/or lazy in their bubble or comfort zone. If they do experience some happiness or good fortune, they are sometimes confused, feel like they don't deserve it, and the universe once again, reflects back to them what they projected out, like a beacon. Change the negative thought to something you enjoy, something that makes you feel happier, watch a funny video or movie, or catch up with a friend who likes to laugh and joke. Don't contact a negative friend or family member who 'flies off the handle' easily, or who overreacts, likes to bitch, compare, slander, gossip, pressure you into unhealthy practices, is fake, puts you down, does not support your dreams, or likes to complain. You need to cut these 'friends' (anchors) and people free if you want to evolve to a better life/reality of the higher, more enjoyable and abundant emotional frequencies.

People's beliefs about life, money, happiness, self-worth, education, work, spirituality etc., have often been passed down from parents (generational / ancestral beliefs, traditions, customs and religions etc.) and many lower energy core beliefs and feelings (and positive ones) from these teachings have been imbedded in your DNA (the instructions for you and your bloodline). These lower instructions / energies are sometimes known by energy workers as generational or ancestral curses or energetic implants. Mainstream science / medicine of course tells us that this DNA is 'junk' and serves no purpose to throw us off from investigating it any further. They actually call it 'junk DNA'. The same applies to things you are told by doctors that you are 'predisposed' to due to your genetics. Don't live the same unhealthy lifestyle as your parents and ancestors, and don't fall into their template / program of any of their unhealthy beliefs and behaviors. Only adopt beliefs, traditions and customs that are for your highest good, which will also be for the good of humanity. We are the system busters, bust the system, reprogram your beliefs, eat and drink healthily, exercise, stretch, meditate, affirm, train in holistic martial arts such as Cobra who are qualified energy workers and teach about the body-mind-soul connection. Research and study DNA re-programming through thought/intention. Reprogram this now so these non-physical genetic traits are not passed onto your children, grandchildren and descendants and set a positive example for them in all areas of life, so they follow your new example and not continue the generational karmic cycle. Lift the 'curses' and traumas implanted in your ancestor's DNA during past wars, depressions, disasters, famines and abuse (including your childhood trauma), and clear your bloodline of this darkness. You can be the light that shines upon and removes the darkness, so to speak; the one you and they have been waiting for. Nobody is going to do it for you or save you / us, that would be giving your power away. There is a saying, 'the creator helps those who help themselves'. You now have the knowledge, know what to study, where to look, and know your purpose and power to change things for you, your children, descendants (and your ancestors), so I leave the rest in your hands to take or leave.

You need to distract yourself from negative thoughts or you will become them. It will help to stay busy with healthy, positive activities rather than stay in indoors, using an electronic device plugging you in to an alternative reality, matrix, metaverse, addicted to the dopamine release from computer games, scrolling social media, and comments and 'likes' from people who you allow to control your feeling of self-worth. Or you may fall into other bad habits and addictions, or even stay in bed falling into a depressed state and possibly medication, as an escape from your low frequency reality and held trauma. Watch motivational and uplifting videos and research emotions and all things that you need help with to find out how others got through these phases of growth. Go for a ride or walk, ideally in nature, where there are trees, or along a river, lake or the beach, sing, dance, do art, laugh, exercise outdoors etc. Nature is high vibration natural energy medicine which will lessen the effects of a lower vibrational mindset if you spend enough time there discharging. Stand for a few minutes or more every day, bare foot on grass, soil or in water, imagining and feeling each lower emotion and energy discharge into the Earth, and then higher energies from the 'central' sun being absorbed through your body to replace them and radiating through you to your family, life, career, finances, health, relationships and finally around the planet to benefit humanity and extinguish the darkness which is at play globally, within families, relationships and within individuals (e.g., causing emotional, mental and physical disorders) at the moment. Research the power of your intentions, visualisations and affirmations. Research grounding / earthing. Any guess why some corporation began promoting rubber sole (energy insulating / blocking) shoes, when our ancestors wore natural sole shoes, leather sole shoes, or walked bare foot?

Laughing is also high vibration. Brighten things up in your home or room, using light colors or white (research the vibrational frequency of colours and how they affect your mood). Open the curtains and windows allow high vibration natural light into the home, air the room out and install brighter or better lighting if it is dim. Remove the darkness as much as possible as it is lower frequency, attracts the same, and wants to keep you in the same state. Darkness and night are often associated with lower vibrational energies and imagery.

Energetic vibrational frequencies of visible light
Energetic vibrational frequencies of visible light

Use or burn high frequency organic essential oils or herbs to help remove low frequency energy such as bacteria, molds and 'other' energies. Low frequency energies include emotions such as anger, hate, jealousy, trauma, revenge, lower spirits, many types of drugs, alcohol, junk food, processed food, most packaged food, inorganic food, inorganic medications such as pharmaceutical drugs and toxic household chemicals and cleaners. Research low frequency/vibrational and high vibrational things, such as emotions and foods.

Energetic vibrational frequency of essential oils and other things
Energetic vibrational frequency of essential oils and other things

When you are feeling down, another technique is to remember those who are worse off than you, so that you realise how well off you are overall. Watch Youtube about homeless, disabled, orphaned people and living in third world or war-torn countries to put things into perspective and to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Sorrow is a low vibrating emotional energy.

Happiness is the end goal for many of us, not just material things. Material things with misery is very common, due to the stress, debt, long work hours, bills, expenses and payments required in order to maintain and retain them, not to mention the number of fake people, friends and partners that you will attract whilst you still have the material wealth. It is possible to have both if you can find the right balance and for most people this means keeping your debt low and not consuming low frequency information.

Debt is one of many golden handcuffs used to controls us. The banks don't actually have the money that they say they are lending us (research marginal lending). They transfer numbers into your bank account, and we work hard our whole lives to pay back money that we did not actually receive. They increase the interest rates so that we eventually can't afford to pay the loan and then they take our homes and property, leaving many homeless. The interest rates cycles are not 'natural' cycles, they are created. The period of low interest rates is the 'fattening of the sheep' stage where people sign a loan contract with the banks, everyone knowing fully well that the privately owned reserve banks will eventually increase the interest rates and their associates will increase the cost of living (inflation). When they hike up the interest rates accompanied with inflation, this is the 'slaughtering the sheep' stage, when they take our properties, make the big money and at the same time tighten their control over us. So, if you are planning on taking out a loan, understand this so you can play the game to suit you. Wars and plandemics are created for a purpose (research this) and we can see the agenda unfolding globally right now as planned. After completing a university degree in business, I worked as an analyst for a major bank for five years whilst building my own business after hours.

Many of us want some nice material things, sometimes believing that these will attract the right people, spouse or friends, and 'then' we will all be happy, but they often attract materialistic people, so it does not always work out in the long term. There is no doubt that money can help you have a better-quality life, afford a good quality education, courses, computers to work from and earn income, have a nice home, a reliable car with high safety standards, travel the world, afford healthy, nutritious organic food and natural medications which are expensive and not surprisingly, no longer covered by private health cover. Unfortunately, most people can't afford to eat healthily, organically, or use natural medicine anymore; how convenient.

'Wanting' or 'asking/praying' for things when you have a low emotional vibration state/mindset can emit a frequency and message of 'lack of' and 'I don't have'. So, you will likely attract more of that, i.e., more 'want' and 'lack'. Relax, breathe or meditate and get your mind positive before you do your affirmations or prayers, so you emit a high frequency. Be mindful of the words that you use in your affirmations or prayers and always phrase it as, 'I have'... and 'I am....'. Saying 'I want' means that you don't have it and attracts more of the same. Saying your affirmations, mantras, or prayers in a desperate emotional state sends out a vibration of desperation to the universe, which will usually reflect back what you have emit. Some low frequency people do achieve material things. It is not always done through honorable methods and will bring misery to them, their family and descendants in the end. Do you want to be financially wealthy and miserable and sick? Research the vibration of sounds and words (which are sounds) and how words resonate geometric energetic patterns which take form as physical things. The English language (and other languages) is very powerful and was well planned for a purpose. When we think or say words, we are in effect casting spells on ourselves or others, so be mindful of what you say and think. The word 'spell' is linked to the word 'spelling'. The word 'grammar' is from the word 'grammaire' which is a book of evil spells. 'Writing' is from the word 'rite', which is a religious ceremony, and a 'sentence' is to sentence you to the words (vibrations) that you think or write. The alphabetic letters are from hieroglyphics (shapes) which resonate specific meanings / energies due to the sacred geometry and angles used (research sacred geometry). So, when you think or say, 'I'm not good at' this or that, or 'I'll never be rich', you have just cast a spell to your subconscious mind and asked the universe to mirror your intentions, thoughts, and verbal sound vibrations, and are asking for more of that, which you will receive if you keep saying this, especially if you say it with emotion (powerful energy) and belief. This is so important but of course, not taught at school. Undo your self-talk and reprogram it!

Never say anything like, "I will do anything to be..." (rich, famous, popular etc.). Unseen energies and forms of consciousness are everywhere, and you do not know what you are agreeing to subconsciously or consciously, or what deal you have just done. We can only see 0.003% of reality, being the visible spectrum of light. The electromagnetic spectrum is a very small subset of all energy/light, shown in the diagram below. There are infinite other forms of energy and consciousness which are not in the electromagnetic spectrum such as sound waves, ultrasonic waves and cathode rays. Within the tiny range of frequencies called the electromagnetic spectrum there is an even more tiny portion which we can see, called visible light, shown in the diagram below. We can't see 99.997 percent of reality. There are way more forms of consciousness and energy around us than we have been told or realise. Many famous movie stars, pop stars and celebrities have intentionally done such deals and admitted this. Research this and the symbolism they use in their video clips to, in a way, cast spells on viewers. Don't sell your soul. They may not realise that they have often also sold their children's and descendant's souls through what has now been implanted in their DNA through a soul contract. Many of these deals are for use of the bloodline and are carried forward through the DNA. Don't do anything dark/evil, including seances or using ouija boards, as you may not realise what you are connecting with and opening up energetically, and are inviting into your home, your DNA and bloodline. We have lost this knowledge, but our grandparents or great grandparents (depending on your age) knew this very well and had protection measures in place. What are some of the sayings our ancestors created which we no longer understand energetically? "Green with envy", "I see red", "I don't know what got into me", "I was beside myself" etc. Check out the vibrational frequency or red and the associated emotions.

Humans can only see things which vibrate within the range of the visible spectrum
Humans can only see things which vibrate within the range of the visible spectrum

Certain horror movies were designed by producers such as Hollywood (Holy Wood - a ceremonial wood from South America known as Palo Santo, burned and used to 'cast' 'spells') to open up these energetic pathways in your home. Why do you think the movie 'cast' is called the 'cast'? They are casting 'spells' through the TV 'programs'. Why is it called a TV 'program'. Why did a famous movie and TV series producer change his surname to 'Spelling'. I suggest staying clear of all such movies and programs (programming) and if you have already watched them (research the fate of some of the actors and viewers), study energetic protection (of which visualization, affirmations or prayer are some methods), which you should do every day regardless, to also deflect negative intentions of others aimed at you, such as the intentions of jealous people. Once dark energies enter your life, they aim to gradually destroy you and your family. They initiate nasty thoughts and ideas in your mind, mental health issues begin, sickness, addictions, and as such, family breakdowns are an epidemic now in particular. If they enter your energy field, you could be diagnosed by mainstream health professionals as having a multiple personality disorder. Energy workers understand where these extra personalities have come from and what they are. Do some research on psychologists who are also energy workers, such as Christina Lopes, to learn both sides of this story.

Happiness attracts high vibration things and situations, which may include the things that you want, but more likely the things that are most appropriate for you and sometimes even more than you wanted or imagined. Receiving things when you are not a vibrational match will result in you eventually losing them. You may spend it, gamble it, lose it, have it stolen, be swindled, sued, lose it through divorce, or invest it poorly if you are not a match for what you ask for. So, prepare for what you ask for, so you are a vibrational match for it. Not knowing how to handle or save money and wealth means that you are not a match for it. Being disorganised, undisciplined, undiscerning, having wasteful addictions, and not having strong boundaries, will also result in you losing your material blessings if you receive some early, as you are not a vibrational match for them yet. Sometimes these types of blessings will come only when you are ready for them, so that you can keep them, enjoy them, give your family a happy and great life, and share them with friends and those in need. What's the point of the universe giving them to you if you are just going to waste or lose them? If you don't have what you want already then you are not a vibrational match for it yet. You are a vibrational match for what you have right now and the situations and circumstances in your life right now, as these are what you have manifested so far in this lifetime (and prior). Even though we all live on the same planet or even the same street or home, we are all experiencing different emotional states and therefore different realities. Some people have manifested abundance in all areas of their life, others some areas, and some very little. Work on developing yourself, learning about investing, learning about saving, learning about business, have insurance when you receive your financial blessings, upskill, study, learn about balancing the body-mind-soul, emotions, manifestation, karma, nutrition, exercise, study lessons from happy and wealthy people etc., so that you are a higher vibrational version of yourself and a vibrational match for what you wish to manifest. Being in a desperate emotional state is going to make it difficult to manifest anything besides more of what you are radiating. If you work on happiness and appreciation for what you have, this state attracts more of the same, which will make your goal setting manifestation easier. Money does not automatically result in happiness long term. Happiness results in happiness and can attract the things you need and desire. Money is not the root of all evil, greed is. The lower emotions such as greed are the products of fear. If you fear losing something e.g., losing money, losing your home, losing your partner, health problems, war, Covid, recession, unemployment etc., you will desperately try to hang onto these things out of fear, creating a whole range of related low frequency emotions, thoughts and repercussions. It is possible to detach from them mentally / energetically yet retain them and happiness at the same time. It is easier said than done and sometimes you won't learn the lesson of detachment until the universe takes them back off you. Surprisingly, once you detach, you often begin attracting abundance again, depending on your soul contract. Detachment removes the desperation and low frequency emotions around them. Nothing is yours. Everything belongs to the universe. The universe (some type of force, which some people call God, nature, source, the creator etc., but nobody knows 'for sure'.) has been provided things to you as tools for learning. Money is a great tool for learning lessons. Things can be taken back by the 'owner' (the universe) anytime, including your life. We don't have control of anything, we only think we do, and we get all stressed out trying to control everything in our life and trying to control other people and their lives. We could lose everything as well as our life before you finish reading this sentence if an earthquake swallowed us up. Who has 'ultimate' control of your fate and destiny now? We have 'free-will' in our own little lunch box, until the creator steps in.

If you are already happy, you may not wish for as many material things, as you have already reached your ultimate goal of happiness and bypassed the list of material things which you thought would make you happy. Either way, you are more likely to receive good things when you hold a happy state already. Good things for many are simply to live in nature, be more self-sufficient, detach as much as possible from the matrix, have a comfortable place to live and good food to eat, even if it means growing organic food for yourself and family, plus some extra to sell or trade. The things we as 'humans' want are not often the things we really need or that our soul (the true us) wants. They are the things that we are programmed to think that we want or need, and which will only bring temporary happiness, so we will need to keep buying more and more things to maintain a happy feeling, which is a dopamine addiction, as are most (maybe all) addictions. They are what we see others have and what we see through TV programming and social media programming. People who are not exposed to the media and internet, such as those who live in remote villages in the Himalayas or Amazon, live in harmony with nature with everything they need provided for free. They don't need money, don't have bills, get free land and accommodation provided by nature (as it was meant to be) as well as free food from nature. They don't have as many people to compare material things with so are less likely to become jealous, greedy and depressed if they are not doing as well as others. Why are we working our whole lives to pay off loans (money the bank did not actually have nor give us) for land and basic foods that nature provided us and other animals to use for free? So, who are the savages now, tribal people or us who are destroying each other and the planet? Who are the more spiritually advanced? There is a lot of talk about people and/or humanity ascending/moving from 3D to 5D consciousness, however tribal people who are unaffected by us so called civilized people have been living in peace, quiet, harmony and abundance (5D) the whole time.

Relationships from a higher understanding, from an energetic / soul purpose, are believed to be for growth of the soul (consciousness), i.e., expansion / learning / lessons. We are all born into physical bodies so that we can have a physical experience and learn lessons that are not available to us when we are not in a body. These include lessons which we (once we are in our avatar suit / body) associate with undesirable, such as physical pain, illness, fatigue or physical abuse. A lot can be learned from these experiences, which is the objective of the soul. We all enter a body which has what we may refer to as positives (e.g., talents and good habits) and negatives (e.g., trauma and bad habits) attributes handed down from parents and ancestors through DNA programming. We also have our own talents, gifts, habits, trauma, addictions etc., from our own past lives. Layered on top of this we have beliefs, customs and teachings taught to us by a self labelled elite group, through organisations they control, i.e., mainstream sources of information such as media, school, some religions, science and medicine. So, once we (the soul) are in the physical body, we are operating through millions of template layers, each being a different belief, value, trauma, custom, tradition, race etc, none of which have anything to do with us, i.e., the soul. Even our own name is a temporary label put on us by our parents and not our true name, if at all we have a name as a soul, as souls don't need voice boxes so don't need to speak or call each other by name. You are not Marco, you are not Italian, you are not Catholic, you are not short etc., just your body is for this lifetime, and these are your labels and beliefs given to you by others. Our task is to find out who 'we' truly are before we were told by others.

Relationships, whether they be a friend, spouse, boss, brother or someone new you meet for one minute, are for the purpose of adding or removing these template layers, often described by energy workers as removing the layers of an onion to get back to the pure us / soul. It takes lifetimes to create templates for the purpose of learning, and then lifetimes to dissolve them again to yoke (yoga - to yoke back to self) back to who we truely are . We come together in relationships not just for enjoyable times but also to trigger (which may manifest as arguments) each other's traumas and beliefs and bring them to the surface so we can deal with them, learn the lesson and dissolve that layer (heal them). Our job is to 'hack away at the inessentials to get back to our core. If we don't have this knowledge about the soul purpose of relationships, then we may go about the relationship unaware that they are a learning opportunity. Unhealed attributes are pointed out (not usually obviously) by the other person so that we can learn the lesson and grow. If for example, you keep attracting abusive partners, bums or are always broke, this may stem from a childhood (or prior) belief that you are not worthy of anyone (or anything) good. A parent may have made you feel this way by things they said, the way they treated you, or what you observed at home. What you experience from birth to age seven has a big impact on the forming of your personality and future. Then you become a self-fulfilling prophesy due to your lack of self-love and feeling of being unworthy of good things. If this is you (it is very common) research how to develop self-love and related attributes. Research shadow work and all the different forms of letting these false and limiting beliefs go, so you can attract better people and situations. If you don't learn the lesson, you keep attracting the same type of people and circumstances until you learn the lesson(s). I may be easier and wiser to do the research and learn about this hidden knowledge. It is obvious from reading Bruce Lee's philosophy, that he was a true martial artist and practiced mastering the body, mind and soul. Here is one of his quotes in line with what I have been saying:

"It's not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential." - Bruce Lee

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.” - Aristotle, The Philosophy of Aristotle

Narcissism: How Narcissists defeat themselves in these times

The 'grandiose' variant of the narcissist has, or develops, a loud, egotistical personality and feels the need to be the centre of attention in order to raise their feeling of self-worth. They sometimes start out as a quiet and reserved 'covert' narcissist, and once they have gained your trust and secured enough control over you, they switch personality into the monster of a grandiose narcissist. Mind you, often the covert narcissist is more dangerous than the grandiose variant, as they use more subtle and less obvious techniques such as deception, manipulation, and their sexuality, rather than violence and anger, to control their host and achieve their objectives.

Narcissists are low vibrational souls, and as such due to the universal law of attraction, they attract low vibrational situations, energies and entities. They are subconsciously sent/attracted to high vibrational, sensitive people known as 'empaths' who are sources of powerful energy, which the narcissist knowingly or unknowingly transmutes and uses for low vibrational (evil) purposes, feeding it back to the collective human consciousness, extending the reign of darkness over humanity. After sourcing, targeting, baiting, and luring an empath, the narcissist attacks the empath covertly or openly with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual abuse (e.g., dark witchcraft), or a combination of these. The attacks aim to hurt the empath in many areas, which may include mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially, and lower them into a low vibrational emotional state such as fear, confusion, anxiety, anger, sickness, or depression, so they can't use their once powerful empath energy, spiritual gifts, and divine inheritance, for the betterment of themselves, family, and humanity, nor knowingly or unknowingly feed it back to the collective human consciousness . This perceived conquest gives the narcissist a feeling of authority, importance, control, power, and an inflated sense of self-worth. The narcissist needs a constant source of the empath’s (or anyone’s) emotional energy (supply) to support their feeling of self-worth and self-importance, and for their emotional and physical needs, as they did not receive love and affection from their parents in a way that children need it. They lack self-love, compassion and empathy as a result, which makes them ruthless controllers, leaders, politicians and world leaders.

The empath is usually one who requires co-dependency due to childhood (or past life) situations they experienced, causing trauma and withheld lower frequency emotions. It may be due to the loss of someone close at a young age, such as a parent, a parent who was not emotionally available for them, or who may have bullied (or abused i.e., they are same thing) them. This causes an ‘abandonment’ trauma within the empath. Due to this trauma, they now hold a fear of losing people close to them and will put up with being treated poorly by the narcissist until they (the empath) either leaves, has a mental break down, dies (e.g., develops serious physical and/or mental health problems, or suicide), or is killed (murdered by the narcissist or one of their associates), or are removed by the law. Knowing that this is an energetic relationship, it is important to 'go non-contact' as soon as possible, otherwise minimise all contact and communication if 'going non-contact' is impossible. Energetically, the narcissist needs contact with the empath to connect to their energy and will reconnect every time there is contact. Even without physical contact, they will still attempt to connect energetically / spiritually, through their intentions. This is the narcissist-empath relationship dynamic (study it).

Due to the strong abandonment anchor in the empath, and now further anchors which may include love for a fake personality which does not actually exist, or a family with children, the empath will NOT often 'go non-contact’ even when they know that they need to for their highest good and that of their children. Sometimes divine intervention is necessary to remove the empath from this relationship. If they continue to ignore their intuition, they will be traumatically removed by force so that they can begin an isolation, healing, and growth process. The narcissist and the empath therefore make a perfect couple energetically, for spiritual (soul) growth purposes, and are subconsciously, spiritually, and divinely attracted to each other. The empath needs someone to cling to, to fill that childhood abandonment void, and will put up with gross mistreatment and may even defend or worship the narcissist. The spiritually low frequency, dark, energy vampire, i.e., narcissist, now has the perfect host and energy supply and will study and play on the empath’s weaknesses, whilst syphoning their high vibrational energy, creativity (through sex i.e., your sexual energy is your creative energy), and blessings, through various techniques of deception, manipulation, fear, addictions, sex, and even dark magic (or 'prayer' with negative in intention which is still dark magic). Narcissists tend to be attracted to the dark side of magic, witchcraft, and the occult, as they resonate at the same frequency and are from the same source. Such techniques as deception, manipulation, and violence are used by all true narcissists, as they come from a central source. Some people may have narcissistic traits but may not be full blown narcissists.

Narcissists treat most other people very well, sometimes to the point of being too well, over the top, or fake, as they need the energy associated with admiration, adoration, praise, and compliments, to maintain their feeling of self-worth. Therefore, they need to be around others and are not able to cope on their own for long, due to this co-dependency on the empath and other people for energy and supply. The empath, due to their abandonment anchor, is also not able to be without the narcissist for long, due to the feeling of abandonment and loneliness which they can’t handle, and which they carry from childhood or prior, and are 'yet' to release in order to move into their sovereign and divine power at this crucial time in human history.

The narcissist's need for a constant supply to maintain their sense of self-worth, is often obtained by the grandiose narcissist by making themselves the centre of attention and baiting people for praise. They talk themselves up in expectation of agreement, praise, and adoration. Another technique is to strategically insult, bully, and devalue their targets (usually empaths) to receive a feeling of power and self-worth as they watch them sink emotionally / energetically, which again, raises the narcissist's feeling of self-worth as they may smile and unconsciously syphon off their energy.

Narcissists often hate one or both of their parents from whom they inherited this spiritual trait/curse. One or both parents were narcissists and treated them as a target. The cycle has continued for generations until an empath becomes aware and conscious enough to understand what is happening and that they need to isolate, study, heal, fight (both in the physical and non-physical realms), and thereby break the generational cycle for their descendants (and ancestors), sending the dark entities back to where they came from with their first failed missions in thousands of years. This is happening globally right now, due to the now much higher vibrational frequency of the planet due to its proximity to the central sun, which is waking up the masses into a higher level of consciousness, awareness, DNA reactivation, and power, sometimes referred to as Christ consciousness. Waking up the empaths and moving them into their divine power is raising the vibrational frequency of humanity (the collective consciousness), thereby healing the planet of the darkness. Darkness is simply lack of light / love energy. If you are an empath, study this, as you are a system buster, and the entire system of darkness is being busted open now and needs your reinforcement.

Narcissists aim to trigger their hosts, which are often family member(s), into retaliation or anger, by baiting them (often verbally), triggering them, insulting them, teasing them, taunting them, putting them down, devaluing, and denigrating them mentally, emotionally, or physically abusing them. They feel powerful once the empath is moved out of their natural state of peace and calm, and triggered into lower emotions and actions, including anger, retaliation, or revenge, as the narcissist then knows that they have succeeded to break them once again, into the lower emotions / energies. Not reacting, ignoring them, or going ‘non-contact’ is the best strategy, where possible. Any attempt to correct the narcissist or point out their disorder will often be met aggressively with abuse and inversion of the truth. The narcissists’ whole existence is actually inversion of the truth, as practiced in Satanism (research inversion of religious or spiritual symbols). For instance, if someone was to accuse the narcissist of having a mental disorder, split personality, being possessed, or to even tell them that they are a narcissist, they will reply quickly and aggressively with, for example:

‘No, you have the mental disorder!’, or,

‘No, you need to see a psychologist!’,

‘No, there is nothing wrong with me, you are the one that needs help!”.


This is called gaslighting, which is inversion of the truth, and is to make the empath question their own sanity. Google, ‘list of phrases used by narcissist's’. They have never been taught and have never studied narcissism, nor these phrases, yet they all, globally, use the same phrases from the same playbook, as they come from a central source. Here are some examples:

“You are overreacting.” “You are too sensitive.” “Toughen up” “That never happened.” “I didn’t say that.” “You did this to yourself.” “I was just joking.” “Stop playing the victim.” “You need help!” “There is nothing wrong with me...”

The narcissist often does not know why they behave the way they do, because it is not always them controlling their body and vocal cords, especially at the times they behave as the narcissist. True narcissism is a spiritual disorder which intentionally, will not and cannot be cured by the mainstream medical system or psychology. They will diagnose and ineffectively treat it as a multiple personality disorder and prescribe medication, which cannot help, because it is ancestral demonic possession of the bloodline (DNA) often due to an ancestor dabbling in dark forms of magic, witchcraft, Ouija boards etc., which was very common in the not-so-distant past. "If you dabble with the devil, the devil shows up!" and karma is a very real law of the universe, also known as The Law of Attraction, i.e., you attract what you resonate energetically, or 'you reap what you sow'. Note that some medications and drugs are designed to bring down your natural energetic protection to allow entities to access. Some good people who take some forms of medications and drugs, abuse, molest and even murder their own family members, which should make it clear to you what and who is actually controlling their physical vehicle (body) at that time. Google the Hebrew origin and meaning of the word alcohol (also known as 'spirits').

The narcissist lacks self-love, self-worth, compassion, and empathy, and this spiritual condition is a generational trait, sometimes known as a generational or ancestral curse. It runs in the DNA/bloodline but does not express itself in all offspring and tends to manifest in those who already have a nasty streak and who welcome in the darkness to assist them in their objectives, which align with the objectives of the greater darkness.

Note that the subconscious objective and programming of true narcissists worldwide is to be servants of the greater darkness by suppressing love and light, so that the greater dark forces can retain their reign and control over humanity through the governments, politicians, world leaders and New World Order organisations and corporations. Suppression of light and love includes suppression and removal of people of the empath variety. Empaths are high vibrational, loving souls, who radiate light and love, and make the planet a better place. They are often highly intuitive due to their high sensitivity to energy and all things. Many are currently exposing deception and darkness globally.

Spiritually, narcissists are the darkness sent to suppress the light. However, in these years and times, many empaths who are being triggered by narcissists, as part of the divine plan, are being catapulted into isolation (hermit or monk mode), resulting in intense and massive spiritual growth and massive increase in vibrational frequency, which is fed back to the collective consciousness to counter the darkness. This is extinguishing the darkness right now. So, in effect, by universal design, the darkness has completed its role on this third dimensional planet and is now extinguishing itself at all levels, from relationships to governments. This can be explained in another way as karma. All evil they have done is being returned to sender now and being multiplied many times and manifested faster than ever due to the higher frequency of the planet at the moment, which allows us all to now manifest quickly and powerfully, whatever we send out emotionally/energetically. You are witnessing this right now as corrupt governments, politicians, corporations, religious groups, media, pop stars, movie stars, Hollywood, celebrities, mainstream science, the medical / pharmaceutical system, mainstream education, legal system, friends, and family members are being exposed in many areas for deception, manipulation, corruption, satanism, and pedophilia, and are crumbling. As the light is turned up, the cockroaches are exposed and are running for cover, as their time is up right now!

To be continued

If you are ready to escape the matrix research below:

David Icke

Dr Joe Dispenza Delores Cannon

Christina Lopes

London Real


Sensei Craig Monie and Sempai Gavin Taylor at the pyramids of Giza Egypt
Sensei Craig Monie and Sempai Gavin Taylor at the pyramids of Giza Egypt

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