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Chi Energy: The Suppression of Ancient Knowledge

Chi is the Chinese term for ‘life force’ or ‘Universal energy’, being the energy that flows through all living things giving it life. It has been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine, various Eastern philosophies, and most or possibly all ancient cultures for thousands of years until relatively recently.


In many ancient teachings universal energy is understood to run through pathways in the body sometimes referred to as meridians. These pathways flow through various energy centres or vortexes sometimes referred to as chakras (meaning 'wheel'). This energy system influences our health and wellness, and a balance of this energy is essential for maintaining good health of a 'human being', i.e., we are a mind, body and spirit complex. 


Universal energy is referred to by various names across different cultures and philosophies. In my research for my energy workshop presentations in 2017, I stopped searching alternate names for Universal energy when I reached about 50, as I realised that it was not only a global teaching but extended much further. Here are a few:

Qi or Chi: China

Ki: Japan

Prana: India

Mana: Polynesia

Lüng: Tibetan Buddhism

Ruach: Hebrew

Élan vital: French

Odic Force: European

Orgone Energy: Wilhelm Reich

Chicchan: Mayan

Manitou: American Indian 

These terms illustrate the global recognition of a life-sustaining force, integral to the existence and health of all living beings. Isn’t it interesting that mainstream corporation-controlled science, medicine, and education, suppress and even ridicule knowledge of Universal energy. Mainstream science understands that most of the universe (possibly about 99.7% or more) is nonphysical and therefore not possible for them to quantify or measure due to the limitations of human technology. If science can’t or won’t prove something, or suppresses the technology needed to do so, they tend to dismiss and/or, ridicule it. Natural healing methods are not highly profitable because anyone can use them cheaply or for free. A combination of mainstream and original healing modalities would be far more beneficial for humanity.

The dismissal of Universal energy as pseudoscience or superstition can be seen as a form of intellectual suppression, where ideas that do not conform to the established scientific narrative for profit and control are disregarded and suppressed.

As global interest in original and natural medicine and holistic approaches to health continues to grow as people 'awaken' from the system / matrix, the dialogue around Universal energy is leading to a greater understanding and acceptance of this ancient knowledge.

As Cobra Martial Arts is a true martial art, the Master Instructor of each Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centre is required to study Chi / Universal energy as a prerequisite to opening their dojos (training centre, 'place for learning the way') and each Master Instructor is a certified teacher under the Japanese Reiki (energy work) modality.


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