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Muay Thai

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing / Kickboxing)


Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centre - Cannington teaches a separate, specialised course in Muay Thai, suitable for beginners.

Class Times:

Tuesdays 5.30pm
Wednesdays 6.15pm

More classes will be added as required.

Sample Class Format:



3 x 2-minute rounds Skipping or Jogging on the spot
3 x 2-minute rounds Shadow Boxing (the focus of each round will be explained by your instructor)

Technique & Combinations 

2 x 3-minute rounds Focus Pads (Boxing & Elbows)
2 x 3-minute rounds Kick Shield (Kicking & Knees)
2 x 3-minute rounds Thai Pads (Boxing, Kicking, Elbows & Knees)
2 x 3-minute rounds - Bag work (Punching Bag)

Sparring Drills (or sparring - optional)

Partner drills (or light-contact sparring is optional for the more experienced)



Cobra Martial Arts Muay Thai classes are non-competitive so ideal for beginners, the unfit, as well as the experienced, as you train at your own pace.


The course is suitable for age 15 years and above.


All memberships are for two classes per week. Students may attend any two of the following classes offered each week:


- Muay Thai
- Boxing
- Freestyle MMA

See Timetable

Personal training is available.

Please contact us for further options, a school tour, a Private Introductory Lesson, or a free trial of the group classes.



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