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Daily Affirmations

I am living my future now, as my now creates my future.

The fastest path to my goals is to enjoy the now, as joy attracts more of the same.

I focus on the only thing in my control, i.e., my emotional state (inner state).

My internal condition (emotional state) is unaffected by external situations.

Life doesn't happen to me; I happen to life.

I dance in the rain.

I am an unstoppable force of nature.

Powerful, calm and complete, I stand in my truth, as I am the light.

I am free, I am whole, it just is.

I've got the magic in me.

Let it all go - DGAF.

I hold my state.

I am powerful.

I am strong.

I am healthy.

I am happy.

I am intelligent.

I am intuitive.

My life is great.

My life is fun.

Great things are attracted to me.

I am a magnet for abundance and money.

Abundance fills me like an overflowing waterfall, which I share with others.

I am of little use to others if I have not first taken good care of myself.

I am protected by the light.

My friends, family and pets are protected by the light.

I don't need to say much, as I am a living example to others.

I practice mastery of body, mind and spirit = Self Mastery.


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