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1. Courtesy

Master's Message children's class discussion topic of the week.                           

What is Courtesy?  

Courtesy is the first of the nine tenets of Cobra Martial Arts.

Courtesy is having polite and considerate behavior towards others. As martial artists we aim to demonstrate courtesy, respect and good manners at Cobra Martial Arts, at home, at school, and in life in general.

Demonstrating courtesy in these areas is part of your Cobra Martial Arts training and is a requirement for your next belt promotion. Your parent and schoolteacher will need to sign this off on your grading form before you can attend each belt promotion (grading) test.

Can anyone give me an example of how we show courtesy at:

Cobra Martial Arts?



At Cobra Martial Arts you already show courtesy towards others by following the school rules, such as bowing when entering or leaving the school, bowing to your partner before and after sparring, addressing your instructors as Sir or Ma’am, answering instructors with courtesy such as, ‘yes sir!.’, ‘thank you ma’am...’, and not facing instructors when adjusting your uniform or tying your belt.

Students who demonstrate courtesy at Cobra Martial Arts, at school, and at home, are well on their way to achieving their Black Belt and self-mastery.

Class Drill:

Focus Pad Pass in a circle:

How it works: Students sit in a circle, close enough so they can reach each other with their feet. Using only their feet, students pass a focus pad around the circle without dropping it. The drill gets more challenging when the instructor introduces more focus pads to the circle. For adults you can use something heavier like weighted logs.


Benefits: Core strength and stability



Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres - Personal Development Program.

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