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6. Sound Body

Master's Message children's class discussion topic of the week.

Having a Sound Body Is when your body is fit, healthy, strong, flexible, and in good working order.

At Cobra Martial Arts we practice exercises and stretches so you develop and maintain a sound body.

If you have a sound body, you probably look great and feel great also, because if your body is sick, tired, or injured, you won't feel great. So, having a sound body also effects your mind and how you feel.

At Cobra Martial Arts we have two mottos:

"Sound Body, Sound Mind, Sound Spirit equals Self Mastery"

"Feel Great, Look Great, Be Great"

Can anyone tell me some things which will stop/prevent us from having a Sound Body?

Notes for instructor leading the discussion:

Eat healthy: Fruits and vegetables, all your dinner, lots of water. Avoid soft drinks and junk food.

Sleep: Listen to your parents when they tell you to go to bed. While you are asleep your muscles grow stronger, your body repairs itself, and recharges itself with energy.


You need to exercise twice every week to develop fitness and a healthy, strong body. Attend two Cobra Martial Arts classes every week, as every class includes:

  • Fitness, heart and lung (cardiovascular) training

  • Strength training

  • Flexibility training

  • Balance training

  • Coordination training

  • Self Defence training

  • Personal Development and the teachings of Traditional Values teachings         

Class Drill:

Paper Breaking

Instructors hold out strips of newspaper for students to break using various martial arts techniques called out by the instructor.

This is a fun way of practicing techniques, rather than always punch and kick into the air or pads, which can get boring. It is a way of disguising repetition.  

Benefits: Develops speed and accuracy. Boosts students' confidence when they break through the paper. Increases excitement and motivation to train.




Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres - Personal Development Program - 1991.


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