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4. Self Control

Master's Message children's class discussion topic of the week.    

Integrity is the fourth of the nine tenets of Cobra Martial Arts.

Self-control is the ability to stop yourself from doing something that you know is wrong or harmful, even if you really want to do it.

For example, if you see a delicious cake on the table, but you know it belongs to someone else, you need self-control to resist eating it. Self-control helps you make good choices and avoid trouble. It also helps you achieve your goals and be a good friend to others. Self-control is not always easy, but it is a skill that you can practice and will improve over time through your Cobra Martial Arts training.

Developing self-control will help you to avoid harmful behavior such as addictions. Addictions are harmful behaviors that some people develop, such as smoking, using drugs, overeating, or spending too much time playing computer games or using social media.

Can anyone give me some examples of self-control?

Ideas for the instructor to discuss:

Self-control at home when you do not get your own way.

Self-control when your brother, sister or friend are annoying you.

Self-control at Cobra Martial Arts during partner drills and sparring.

Self-control with junk food, sweets and cool drink.

Self-control when you are on your computer, Ipad or phone, playing games or using social media.

Class Drill

Water Balance Drill

Students hold a disposable cup of water in their hand. On the instructor's command students execute the given martial arts technique without spilling water.

Techniques might include: Jab, Cross, Hook and Uppercut punch

Front kick, Roundhouse, Back Kick Squats, lunges, Sit-ups Instructors, have a towel prepared.

Benefits: Balance, awareness of keeping body upright while striking

Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres - Personal Development Program.


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