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14. Goal Setting (Part 2 of 3) - Goal Setting for Black Belt!

Master's Message children's class discussion topic of the week.

Who remembers what a goal is? A goal is something that you want to get or achieve.

One of the main goals for a martial artist is Black Belt. Black Belt is a long-term goal because it takes at least 5 years to earn.

That is a long time, so we set some shorter term, smaller goals, or steps, that are easier to achieve on our way to Black Belt.

Who can tell me some of the shorter-term goals that we can set, which will keep us on track to achieve our Black Belt?

  • Attending class twice a week.

  • Noting the date of the next Progress Check and Grading on your calendar at home.

  • Passing the Progress Check each month.

  • Having your uniform and training bag packed and ready the night before class.

  • Write down, draw, or print out a picture of you martial arts goals, and put them somewhere where you will see them every day.

  • Eating like a Black Belt

  • Thinking like a Black Belt at home, school, and at Cobra

  • Behaving like a Black Belt at home, school, and at Cobra

Write down your goal for the following areas of your life when you get home and next week we will discuss them in class:

  • Martial Arts

  • Home

  • School

  • Other goals



Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres - Personal Development Program - 1991.


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