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Review: By Scott Thackrah

Cobra Martial Arts Student & Instructor

The Martial arts came to me through many avenues throughout my life. Television, movies, books and culture referenced what was to me something mystical and complex. Like life however, the Martial Arts are ironic. Once I began to learn, I saw that it was not mystical and complex at all - but simplistic and before my very eyes.

Over four years ago I walked through the door of this Dojo. Though I did not know it then, it was the beginning of a journey towards finding the self. This journey contained many hills and valleys, but perseverance and dedication has seen me through to make me who I am today.

My training has given me the ability to set and reach goals in my work and life in general. I have also gained self-confidence. Self respect and respect for others has taken a deeper and stronger meaning in my life, and through instructing I have found humility. Traditional values of courtesy, integrity and self-control have strongly been instilled in me from my Martial Arts training. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by people whom have inspired me to train harder and smarter. From many walks of life, students and instructors have all taught me something, for we are all equal here.

So what does Martial Arts mean to me? Martial arts was never about fighting, but learning how to live my life, to live honestly with oneself, and to gain satisfaction from every breath.


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