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Review: By Adam Lippitt

Cobra Martial Arts Student & Instructor Getting in to martial arts was an idea put to me by a friend who thought I would need it because I was going out a lot in Perth.

I had know idea what style I wanted to do or where I was going to train but my plan was to train for about 18 months so I could "Handle myself in Night Clubs"

One day I was driving past Cobra and decided I would give it ago to see if I liked it.

In November this year it will be 10 years since I walked through the door and even though it did not change my life over night as my friend said it would it had a very positive affect on me.

Learning to punch, kick, throw and defend against weapons was great and I found myself training more than the required two lessons a week. But what changed things for me the most was the day I got a call from Sensei asking if I could run a class that night because an instructor had called in sick. The first time I took a class by myself made me realise that martial arts was a lot more than just fighting and that being entrusted to pass on our art was an honour and privilege that all students should at least try even if it is something you can't commit to long term.

My journey to black belt and beyond has had many peaks and valleys and at one point I even quit after my 2nd Dan and tried other schools but I could never find what I have at Cobra.

I will be continuing my journey for as long as my body can take it, but even when I can no longer train I will know that Cobra did change me for the better and I got a lot more out of it than being able to handle myself in night clubs.


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