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24. "A" - The ABCs of Conflict Avoidance

Master's Message children's class discussion topic of the week.

This week we will discuss letter A.



In a real fight there is a chance of:

  • serious injury to yourself

  • serious injury to your opponent

  • your opponent using weapons such as a knife

  • you opponent's friends helping them (i.e. being attacked my many opponents at the same time)

 If you can avoid a fight, then you have won without injury to your opponent or yourself.


Avoid a potentially dangerous situation. First, be aware of your surroundings and recognise a potentially dangerous situation.

Diffuse it before it begins, by avoiding it.


"An old Samurai Martial Arts Master was deciding on which of his three sons he would choose to rule his kingdom, so he set up a test. He asked his first son to meet him in an old, abandoned building at midnight.

As the first son entered the building his father, who was sitting on the roof beams above, dropped a bag of rice on his son. The bag of rice landed on his son's head, but before it touched the ground the son drew his sword and cut the bag in half. His father was very impressed.


The next night the second son was called to the building and his father dropped a bag of rice onto him also. But as the bag dropped the second son side stepped out of the way and cut the bag into 10 pieces before it hit the ground. His father was even more impressed.


On the third night the third son was called to the old building. As he approached, he sensed that walking into an old, abandoned building, without lights, at midnight, was stupid and dangerous, and he did not enter."

Which son do you think the Samurai master choose to rule the kingdom?


Avoiding arguments

Avoid bullies




Question: Why is it better to avoid a fight rather than participate and win?





Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres - Personal Development Program - 1991.


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