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Family-friendly Martial Arts

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1 OCTOBER 2020

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Parents Proud of Thea

Thea is our 7 year old daughter and has been attending Cobra Martial Arts for approximately 2 years. As Thea's parents, we were interested in finding an activity that would help increase her confidence and give her skills to ward off bullying (physical and emotional), keep her active and involve her in a sport that she would enjoy attending.

We were happy to find out about Cobra Martial Arts through a friend. Thea attended her first trial lesson and has enjoyed it ever since. She attends it willingly three times a week and has made many friends. She has learnt essential life skills with Cobra's teachings and we are thankful for that.

Earlier this year, Thea was in a situation at school where she utilised what she had learnt at Cobra to protect herself and her friends. The school described the event as a "difficult situation" (which was recognised by the teacher, and Thea received an award at assembly). She was happy to be able to defend herself and others quickly and diffuse the situation safely. We are proud of her actions. Her quick thinking and reflexes saved herself and others from potential physical harm. It proved to us that what Thea has learnt at Cobra was remembered and she had the ability to utilise the skills without a second thought. This is a huge achievement in her personal growth.

Ilena & Paul