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Motivation - The Hills & Valleys of Martial Arts training

When you are successfully graded to a new belt level, it is likely that you experience a ‘high’ point in your training. Another way to see this is as a ’hill’ of motivation. It is during these high points where it is easy for us to attend training, and put 100% into everything we do. However there can never be peaks without low points. These low points, or ’valleys,’ in our journey to Black Belt are times when we are lacking in motivation to train, and may even start missing classes. It is in these valleys where we must draw upon all our determination, discipline, and perseverance, to stick it out until we reach the next hill. It is important to understand that these ‘valleys’ are temporary lulls in training, and that another ‘hill’ in your motivation to train is just around the corner. In time you will learn to understand and accept these ‘hills and valleys’. You will develop great discipline and determination, and the time spent in ‘valleys’ will be brief, while the ‘hills’ in your training will lengthen. Remember that anyone who ever reached their Black Belt negotiated both the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of training. If training were always easy, then Black Belt would be no achievement at all.