Your Private Introductory Start-Up Offer

About The Private Introductory Start-Up Offer

To ease your nerves we are currently running a special Private Introductory Start-Up Offer. It is a one-on-one private lesson taught to you by one of Cobra's specialist instructors, hand picked by the Master Instructor due to their specialised experience and patience when working with first time beginners. It is a light session with the sole purpose of introducing you to Cobra Martial Arts.

On your return, ADULTS will train in the adult BEGINNER classes. You will not be put with advanced students. Everyone in your group will have only just started. Our instructors are friendly, polite and patient and are all selected, trained and certified by the Master Instructor. At the beginner classes you must go at your own pace and take a break anytime you need to.

Only do what you feel comfortable doing. As you get fitter and stronger, you will be able to do more and soon you will be so fit that the beginner class will become easy for you. Cobra Martial Arts has been operating for 29 years and we witness dramatic and immediate fitness improvements every week. At that point when you feel ready, you may move into the more intense, Intermediate or All Levels classes if you wish, although any student, including new beginners, are welcome to train in the All Levels classes anytime, if they so choose.

CHILDREN will train in a class according to their age, i.e. 3-5yo, 6-9yo, 10-14yo, 15yo+. We have special instructors especially trained and certified who are allocated to assist first time children. Advanced level children may train in a separate group to beginners if they wish. Parents will notice immediate changes in behaviour, confidence, respect, focus and attention span.

It is well worth taking advantage of our amazing beginner's Private Introductory Start-Up Offer which we are offering for the next few weeks and which will save you about $200.