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23. Grading Procedure

Master's Message children's class discussion topic of the week.

Belt Testing, also known as a Grading, is held every three months.

Grading Procedure

Have your grading form handed in at least 1 week before the grading so we have enough time to organise the grading groups and instructors.

Pack everything you need for your grading the night before, such as uniform, sparring gear, weapons and drink bottle.

Arrive early. Grading day is always busy and so is the carpark. Arrive early so you have time to find a parking bay. There is also parking behind the building. By arriving early you can relax for a few minutes before your grading starts, rather than arrive late and be stressed.

Place your sparring gear, drink bottle and weapons at the edge of the mat just before your grading.

When your name is called out, answer 'yes sir' or 'yes ma'am', bow, and then run to the examiner. If your name is not called out go to the front desk so we can find your grading form.

Students are graded on technique, effort and respect.

We will still be running a regular class in the other room if you are not grading.

If you miss the grading, see reception about attending a catch-up grading.

(Instructors will run a practice grading form up today).

Good luck on your grading day!





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