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Tracey Koziniec & Cobra

I was never sporty as a kid and was always the last one picked. I would go through periods of going to the gym, but never trained seriously. After I had my daughter my weight went up. It was too hard to find time to exercise with a baby and full time work. Excuses were too easy and motivation, too hard. At the same time, chocolate, take away and the best brown and white chocolate muffins in the world, meant the kgs quickly crept up. I hated the camera and there are very few photos of me from that time.

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What Martial Arts Means to Me By Richard Bradbury

Since the inception of Cobra in 1991, where I attended my first beginner class at Salter Point Scout Hall, at age 16, I knew that the training would become an integral part of my life. Cobra has enabled me to recognise and strive towards attaining my highest potential in the fields of spiritual, mental and physical development.

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