"Cobra is the best thing I ever did for my son."

To Craig, Gavin, and all instructors at Cobra,

This is just a small letter of thanks for the help Cobra has had in the changes in my son James. I have had a hard time with my son in getting him to go to school and trying to make him have a commitment in anything. Last year my son was getting failing grades when he did go. This year and toward the end of last year, the change in James has been noticeable. Not only has he been going to school regularly, but getting As and Bs. He has now a B+ average and keeping it. His commitment to Cobra is a joy to see, especially going early to help with the childrens' classes. Many thanks again to all the instructors, but a special thanks to Gavin and Craig. Cobra is the best thing I ever did for my son. Thankyou.

Sandy Fairman