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Steen Puggaard 23/9/2012

Martial Arts means so much to me. It has given me the discipline to focus on goals to achieve positive results for my life and the belief I can achieve anything I want to if I commit myself.


Martial Arts is more than self defence and fitness, it has taught me life skills to live the life I want. I now recognise the main aspects of my life I need to focus on and balance my time between being family, social, financial, work, physical and mental, which this has allowed me to live a more fulfilling life. Since taking up Cobra Martial Arts my mind has changed and in turn so has my life. I have committed to healthy living, goal setting, being assertive and living by the 9 Tenets of Cobra, being courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, indomitable spirit, sound body, sound mind, sound spirit and self mastery.

Approximately six and a half years ago there was a two year period where I was without a Driver's License and had to ride from home in Riverton to work in Kewdale everyday. Cobra was about half way between and one day I stopped in to have a look around and thought I could spend my time more productively and would like to take up a hobby. I remembered when I used to train for boxing, from ages thirteen to sixteen, being happier and fitter, so I decided to learn martial arts.

Since taking up Martial Arts my life has improved immensely and I have stopped going around in pointless circles. I have an extraordinary license, I have bought my own home, I have changed jobs nearly doubling my pay and I live a much healthier lifestyle, training regularly. I attribute these achievements to the goal setting teachings and the self discipline taught and built into the program at Cobra Martial Arts.

I have now been attending Cobra for four and a half years and passed my Black Belt this morning. I have also achieved Black-Green rank in Eskrima. In the past I have had problems committing and seeing things through to completion, but with the skills Cobra has taught me, I now break my goals down into achievable targets and simply concentrate on the now.

Martial Arts has provided me with support to redirect and improve my life and I now recognise and focus on what is important to me. It has given me confidence and goals to aim for, helping me to get where I am today and setting me on a positive path for life.