Grip Strength Development by using a Gyroscopic Powerball

What is the NSD Powerball?

Although it is only as small as a tennis ball, and weighs just 250 grams, don't let its size fool you - the NSD Powerball is the fastest human propelled device ever created. Using its finely engineered and precision crafted gyroscope, the NSD Powerball can spin at a remarkable 15,000rpm and generate over 18kgs of force, giving your arms a workout like never before!

Ideal for avid sports enthusiasts who require power in the arms, hands and wrists, all the way to those merely looking to define and strengthen their arm muscles - everyone can benefit from the increased strength and dexterity that the NSD Powerball delivers. Small and portable, the NSD Powerball can be used while sitting at a desk, watching TV or walking down the street, exercise has never been this convenient! The inbuilt speed meter makes it fun and addictive too, as you compete with family and friends to become the Powerball champion.

For Martial Artists you will develop powerful hand, forearm and grip strength for grabbing, holding, wrestling and locking an opponent or attacker. No one will escape your killer Kung fu grip!

NSD Powerballs are available now!

Classic               $59.95 (with timer extra $15)  FREE DELIVERY
Auto Start          $84.95 (with timer extra $15)  FREE DELIVERY