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The Three Dragons - Advanced Kata



The Three Dragons were developed by Sensei Craig and Senior Instructor Aubrey Monie in 1993 as a way of practicing and revising core Cobra-Ksha Freestyle Martial Arts techniques, as the kata contains many techniques from our syllabus.

The following are some of the techniques taught in The Three Dragons:

Hand Techniques

Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Overhand, Body Punches, Punching with footwork (on the move), Elbow strikes, Knife hand strikes, Forearm strikes, Hammer fist, Back fist, Traditional Blocks and other Defences, Double strikes, combinations, Isometrics, Ibuku breathing hand techniques and Traditional strikes such as Palm Strikes.

Leg Techniques

Push kick, Front kick, Round house, 360 Roundhouse, Turning kick, Twisting kick, Side kick variations, Mule kick, Crescent kick, Back Thrust, Back Hook, Spinning outer crescent kick, Forward knee, Round knee, Axe kick, Downward stomp kick, Buda kick, Leg check, Double kicks, Jumping Kick.

Ground Fighting

Forward roll, Backward roll, Lapel throw, various Dumps / Takedowns, Knee ride, Arm bar, Triangle choke, Sleeper hold, Guillotine.

Traditional Techniques

Middle section outer forearm block, Higher section outer forearm block, Inner version middle section outer forearm block, Circular block, Spear hand, Traditional stances (Back, Forward, Horse, X-stance, Bear), Isometric Ibuku tension and breathing exercises, Forearm strikes, Double blocks, Double upset punch, Palm strike.


Chun-bi is called. Face 12 o'clock and wait.

When instructed to continue, breathe in slowly, raising arms in a circular motion with open hands to diamond position. Arms are slightly bent whilst rising as well as when they reach their position above the head. Eyes look through diamond. Hold this position momentarily. In your own time lower diamond directly downward to eye level whilst exhaling. Eyes look through and follow diamond.

1. With fingertips touching your shoulders, step quickly forward with left leg with double downward backfist. Right leg moves in as fists roll into a second downward 'knuckle strike' movement (back of fist up) to feet together position.

2. The above form continues / rolls into a double reverse elbow.

The following forms 3-5 use a 'knife hand'.

3. Turn to direction 9 in back stance executing middle section outer forearm block with left arm, and higher section outer forearm block with right arm. Both blocks are executed simultaneously.

Back Stance: 70% of weight on rear leg, both knees bent. Body is 'side-on' to opponent, heals form a right angle.

Middle-Section-Block: Arm is bent at 90 degrees. Angle between tricep and body is 45 degrees. Finger tips in line with top of shoulder. Palm down. Elbow in line with floating ribs. Usage eg - to block swinging punch. Other applications could be to break a single or double arm grab to the chest, or as a knife hand or forearm strike.

Higher-Section-Block: Forearm is parallel to floor protecting head (directly on top of head). Finger tips should be just visible to oneself. Application: a) Blocks a punch or downward strike to head (or weapon) b) used in takedowns where the blocking hand braces against the opponents chest or neck and opposite hand scoops for their leg whilst pushing them back. c) to brace off during a standup grapple.

4. Step through with right leg to back stance with middle-section-inner-version-outer-forearm-block with right arm and

higher section outer forearm block with left arm simultaneously.

Middle-Section-Inner-Version-Outer-Forearm-Block: may be used to break a grab, or block a straight punch across the opponent's body in a similar fashion to a parry. Another application is as a strike for instance to the neck or temple.

5. Step with right leg to direction 3 into forward stance executing inner forearm circular block with right arm. Blocking arm moves on outside of retracting arm, finger tips at shoulder height. Left knife hand retracts to left hip in preparation for counter strike.

Circular Block applications – may be used to block a straight punch across opponent's body, defend a grab to your shoulders from behind, or even as a weapon disarm.

6. Step through with left leg into forward stance with spear hand to eyes or throat. Right knife hand retracts to hip.

Forward Stance: shoulder width apart. Double shoulder with in length. Both feet point forward. Front knee bent. Rear leg straight. Rear heal on floor (unlike fighting stance). Body square to opponent. It is a strong traditional attacking stance.

7. Look, then pivot front foot clockwise and execute back thrust kick to 12 landing in fighting stance facing 12 with right leg back.

The following forms 8-13 are executed as a fast, flowing combination

8. Jab advancing (unlike Raging Bull which is stationary)

9. Jab advancing

10. Cross (rear leg moves in on cross) ie forms 8-9 work together as jab-cross combination advancing.

11. Left hook stationary

12. 360 roundhouse (rear leg)

13. Land short of a full 360 and execute spinning knife hand (like backfist - follow through and recoil arm to 12)

14. Step through with right leg (balancing) in slow motion removing (peeling off) an attackers hand from your left shoulder with wrist break. Use isometric ibuku tension with accompanied breathing. Opposite hand rises (open hand) at same time.

15. Repeat form 14 stepping with left leg and executing wrist break with left hand.

Forms 16-17 executed fast – double kick

16. Side kick to 9 with left leg. Kick is to knee. Recoil / tuck without lowering leg.

17. Side kick as high as possible with same leg. Land in high horse stance facing 12.

Forms 18-19 executed fast – double kick

18. Twisting kick to solar plexus with right leg to 3. Recoil without lowering leg.

19. Turning kick as high as possible with same leg.

The following forms 20 to 28 are executed with maximum speed

20. From form 19, land in horse stance facing direction 1 with double reverse elbow

21. Left reverse elbow reinforced with right hand (remain in horse)

22. Right reverse elbow reinforced with left hand (remain in horse)

23. Right traditional punch to solar plexus

24. Left traditional punch to solar plexus

25. Right circular block – mid section

26. Left circular block – mid section

27. Double Up-Set punch to jaw / neck (fists form V-shape 1-inch apart – elbows bent)

Note: Up-Set punch starts at waist with fist palms down.

28. Step / cross left leg over right into X-Stance (right heal is up and feet point to 12) executing high section outer forearm block to 3 and lower section outer forearm block (defends kick to groin) to 12 simultaneously. Body faces direction 3 but head facing and looking forward to 12.

29. Spin out of X-Stance clockwise (by swinging out right leg) into forward stance facing 9 (right leg forward) with outer forearm strike to neck with right forearm closely followed by inner forearm strike to neck with left forearm. Both strikes travel from left to right diagonally from high to low. Fists pause momentarily by right ear ready for form 30.

30. Step through with left leg into forward stance (left leg forward) with outer forearm strike to neck with left forearm closely followed by inner forearm strike to neck with right forearm. Both strikes travel from right to left diagonally from high to low. Fists pause momentarily by left ear ready for form 31.

31. Uppercut punch connecting under chin

32. Right cross to chin

33. Advance forward with leaping left hook to side of jaw or temple with KIA



34. Combo 12: Hold opponent around the neck (grappling 'butterfly' grip with left hand closest to you) whilst executing a round knee with the right knee to the ribs. Land forward

35. Retain grip around neck and execute a round knee with the left knee to the ribs. Land forward

36. Retain grip around neck and execute a forward knee to the solar plexus with the right knee. Land backward (ie stationary)

37. On landing push opponent off with both hands and immediately step forward with left leg executing a 360 roundhouse with right leg.

38. Combo 8: Jab

39. Cross

40. Roundhouse with right leg landing forward

41. On landing grab opponent around the neck (grappling grip with left hand on inside) whilst executing a forward knee with the left knee to the solar plexus. Land forward with form 42.

42. Downward elbow with right arm (vertical or 45 degree).

The following forms 43-46 are executed as a fast combination

43. Combo 7: Left hook to body (bend knees)

44. Left hook to head

45. Cross

46. Left uppercut connecting under chin

47. Backward dump

Leading leg (left leg) is between opponent's legs. Left forearm is around opponent's lower back and reaches right around meeting right arm at opponents left side by their obliques (your right). Right fist is clenched palm down. Left palm is up with 4 finger grip holding right wrist from bottom. Hold your head in tight at opponent's right side (your left). Once opponent is in the hold step behind their leading leg with your right leg whilst straightening your legs and pulling in their lower back hence finishing the dump

48. Shoulder roll over left shoulder finishing in form 49.

49. Knee Ride

Left leg extends (knee slightly bent) to your left side with foot on floor. Right knee on opponent's solar plexus. Grip their right arm (closest to you) behind the tricep with your left hand. Grip their right lapel (lapel on your left) with your right hand. Fingers in lapel and thumb out. Back must be up straight and tall.

50. Arm Bar - retaining control of their arm throughout the form, execute arm bar.

Step left leg over opponent's neck whilst your right hand lets go of their gi and holds their wrist against your chest. Then swing your right leg over their chest whilst letting go with left hand and placing it over your right (ie arms crossed over your chest – left over right). Groin tight under their shoulder. Legs squeezed together but not crossed. Push hips up to complete the arm bar.

51. Triangle Choke

Sit up (like a sit-up). Wrap your right leg around the back of opponent's neck and over locking with left leg. Pulling the opponent's arm through (your triceps are on the ground). Drop left heal towards ground whilst hips push up thereby completing the choke. The choke starts and ends (releases) whilst your legs are in the air.

52. Backward roll over left shoulder to fighting stance. (knee may or may not touch during roll – optional)

53. Boxing block (left arm)

54. Lapel Throw

Defending attacker's swinging punch execute mid-section outer forearm block grabbing their attacking arm at tricep with left arm (use open hand block). Step in and across to your left with right leg whilst grabbing opponent's gi lapel (lapel on your left) with your right hand. (Note: left leg steps back temporarily forming X-Stance). At the same time as you grab, pivot feet so your back is to your opponent forming a bear stance whilst executing the throw. Throw by straightening your legs whilst pushing out your buttock (bending forward at the waist) and pulling them through as fast as possible.

Bear Stance: Left foot points forward. Right leg points toward left foot at 45 degrees. Right leg is slightly in front of left so left toe is in line with right heal.

55. Step wider with left leg to horse stance clearing and pinning opponent with left hand. Reverse punch with right fist then re-pin with left hand.

56. Step forward with left leg to horse stance facing 7.30 (ie 45 degrees). Using isometric ibuku breathing / tension through entire body and accompanying breathing, push out slowly with diamond hands at chest height whilst exhaling. Close fists at full extension and rotate palms toward each other whilst slowly retracting fists to either side of hips (fist palms up).

57. Step through to 6 with right leg executing jumping inner crescent kick (take off and kick with right leg). Kick connects with outstretched left palm. Contact is made with side of foot arch as left leg lands. Land backward (ie not advancing) in fighting stance.

58. Middle Section Outer Knife Hand Block (with takedown preparation)

Block opponent's cross punch with RIGHT outer knife hand block. Block travels from your LEFT to RIGHT, pinning their arm against themselves, finishing across their neck. At the same time step through and across to your left with RIGHT leg, then step with left leg swinging it behind opponent (pivot on the RIGHT leg). You should be behind opponent your chest to their back and feet shoulder width apart.

59. Sleeper Hold

Continuing from form 58 your right arm should already be around opponent's neck. Hold your left bicep with your right hand and place your left fist horizontal behind opponents head and touching your chin to brace against opponent's backward head butt. Tighten sleeper hold.

60. Buddha Kick (Take Down)

Buddha kick with RIGHT foot arch behind opponent's right knee whilst pulling their trapezius / shoulders backward and down with your palms facing downward. At the same time shuffle one step backward leading with right leg.

61. Push Kick with front (left) leg, placing leg down and across to right with pivot in preparation for next kick.

62. Back Hook Kick with right leg landing back in fighting stance.

63. Turning Kick with right leg landing forward in horse stance executing form 64 on landing.

64. Backfist to temple

65. Hopping Side Kick with right leg (step behind method) landing in horse stance.

66. Hopping Mini-Hook Kick with right leg with KIA (step-up-to method) landing in horse stance. Guard is up directly in front facing 9 (still in horse stance).



Forms 1-7 are executed as a rapid sequence, each technique flows into the next.

67. Outer Leg Check => Turn to the left facing 6 with outer leg check with left leg.

68. Inner Crescent Kick with right leg landing forward and across to your left.

69. Spinning Outer Crescent Kick with left leg (Option => May do Jumping Spinning Outer Crescent Kick).

70. Reverse Knife Hand dropping from high right to low left, with hand.

71. Back Fist => Looking toward 9 execute backfist to temple with right backfist.

72. Side Kick => To knee with right leg (to direction 9)

73. Push Kick => To body with left leg landing forward (to direction 9).

74. Universal Block (also called Double Reinforcement Block) => Recoil left leg in to Cat Stance, then place immediately out at 45 degrees (to 7.30) with Universal Block with fighting stance footwork=> ie, simultaneously => right arm executes high outer palm block and left arm executes lower section outer palm.

75. Parry with left hand whilst retreating with right leg.

76. Parry with right hand whilst retreating with left leg.

77. Hook Punch with left hand whilst retreating with right leg.

78. Overhand punch with right hand whilst retreating with left leg (front 2 knuckles down).

79. Forward Knee (advancing) => Trap around back of opponent's skull (left hand in) and knee to solar plexus with right leg, landing forward.

80. Bear Hug Escape with Hammerfist => Escape bear hug by looking over left shoulder and executing hammer fist to groin (tilt hips to right to expose opponent's groin).

81. Spinning Cross Punch => Spin to left 180° (facing direction 1.30) with left guard up and execute right cross punch to head. Assume opponent has grabbed your right arm ready to arm throw you.

82. Throw Reversal => As opponent turns their back to you to throw, step over their right leg with your right leg and clip with your left leg. At the same time push their chest with your right hand. Place left leg down (forward) into fighting stance.

83. Heel Stomp => Heel Stomp downward with your right heel placing leg back into fighting stance.

84. Hopping Knee (with rear leg) => With left leg to 10.30, landing forward.

85. Downward Elbow (securing head) => Place left hand behind opponent's head and downward elbow with right elbow striking your left palm.

86. Palm Heel Strike with left palm under opponent's chin.

87. Buddha Kick with right leg to opponents' left knee (stationary), placing ball of foot on floor for a fraction of a second before next technique.

88. Mule Kick with right leg (glance over right shoulder).

89. Back Thrust Kick with left leg (look over left shoulder)

90. Guillotine => Turn to face 4.30 to defend against 'rugby style tackle' with retreating guillotine. Right arm under opponent's neck, right palm on your left forearm, left palm on opponent's shoulder.

91. Side-Takedown => Left hand holds opponent's belt (or pants) and right hand grips their collar. Stepping back and around with your right leg, force opponent to downward to floor, to your right side, forming a horse stance.

The Octagon

92. – 1 Left Cross Punch - Across Body Method => Facing 7.30, Left Cross punch to direction 10.30.

93. – 2 Uppercut – Across Body Method => Right uppercut to direction 7.30.

94. – 3 Front Kick (to solar plexus) with right leg to 6 (stationary, ie placing leg back).

95. – 4 Mule Kick (to solar plexus) with left leg to 12.

96. – 5 Downward Elbow to face, to 1.30.

97. – 6 Straight Uppercut to solar-plexusbody, to 3.

98. – 7 Retreating Hammerfist => slide right leg back and strike with right hammerfist to groin, to 9.

99. – 8 Outer Axe Kick with right leg as high as possible (advancing, ie land forward), to 4.30, with KIA.

100. Step up to right foot with left leg, facing 12, with hands in diamond position, forward and down at 45 degrees, whilst looking FORWARD. Feet are shoulder width apart. Stay in this final position until Chun-Be is called, then close fists to form regular Chun-Be with fists, taking you back to the first technique you learned on white belt being how to form a fist.