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March 2009

Burn Fat Fast!

Cross training is a technique used to improve long term performance and enjoyment of your chosen sport as well as accelerate weight loss. Cross training means mixing different activities into our regular workout routine. For instance at Cobra we mix a number activities together each week such as Boxercise which focuses on the arms with Muay Thai which includes a lot of leg work. Other activities many of us include in our weekly routine include weight lifting, jiu jitsu (grappling) and weapons training.

Quite often people who want to lose weight rely solely on one exercise such as jogging, cycling, swimming, boxing, aerobics or weight training to meet all of their fitness and weight loss needs.... this is not the most efficient way to burn calories and lose body fat.

Here are some of the benefits of Cross Training:

Injury Prevention
Doing a single exercise or type of training can lead to 'overuse injuries' in the muscles or joints used repetitively as they don't get recovery time.

If we ever develop an overuse injury, cross training helps by allowing us to maintain our fitness and continue to lose weight despite being forced to stop doing our preferred or primary exercise, and by helping us to correct the cause of the injury. Sensei says that one time he had a knee injury and couldn't kick for 3 months so he focussed on boxing. His boxing improved dramatically in this time.

Greater Overall Fitness
Because different activities place stress on different parts of our body, including a variety of exercises in our routine usually provides the best possible overall fitness.

No matter how motivated you are to lose weight and get fit, if you do a single exercise often enough the chances are it will eventually become boring. Most people are stimulated by variety and turned off by monotony and providing variety and avoiding monotony is one of cross training's greatest benefits. When it comes to weight loss, anything we can do to increase our motivation for exercise is worth doing.

Improved Workout Flexibility
Sometimes we need to be very flexible about the type of exercise we do to lose weight and get fit. For example, if we have planned to do a run today and the weather turns bad it is better to pull out an exercise DVD or pop down to Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centre for a workout on the punch bags. Being flexible in this way helps to ensure that no matter what obstacles daily life presents, we will be able to work around them and get our exercise in anyway.

Improved Skill, Agility and Balance
As well as ensuring a good balance between aerobic fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, cross training also ensures a good balance between things like skill, agility, balance, eye-hand coordination, etc, all of which can be useful in other areas of our daily life.

Good luck with your cross training!

World Mixed Martial Arts Champion teaches at Cobra!

70 fans of the World Mixed Martial Arts champion Royce Gracie, packed Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centre in Cannington on Sunday March 1, with a queue leading out the door and into the carpark!

Participants attended from all over WA including martial artists from many different schools as well as non-martial artists, to meet the legend Royce Gracie, participate in the workshop, have photos taken with him, and have uniforms, gloves and DVDs signed.

The 3 hour seminar consisted of the teachings of the latest Gracie Jiu Jitsu techniques which the Gracie family devised and as Royce used successfully to win international competitions such as UFC, Pride and K1. Royce's father Helio, the master mind of Gracie Jiu Jitsu sadly passed away only two weeks before the seminar.

A presentation was made after the seminar as Cobra's Master Instructor Craig Monie had been examined by Luke Beston and Royce Gracie earlier that morning and was promoted in rank in the Gracie Jiu Jitsu system. The Gracies advised that they are keen to continue working with Cobra in the future.