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April 2009

Shape-Up whilst Sleeping!

Metabolism refers the process in which the body obtains and uses energy from food. It plays a major function in weight loss and gain. A person who has a fast metabolism will burn body fat / calories quickly, even whilst resting!

We all have different metabolic rates which change throughout our lives. Also age affects metabolism, which slows about 5% every 10 years after we turn 40. Males typically burn more calories at rest than females as they have a higher proportion of muscle tissue. A higher level of muscle tissue will generally mean a higher rate of metabolism. This is why you may witness a male who looks particularly muscular, eating pretty much anything he wants. His body has become an efficient fat burning machine which burns fat not only during exercise, but also whilst resting and sleeping.

When your calorie intake through eating, surpasses your metabolism / calories burned, excess energy will be stored as fat. Unfortunately some of the issues affecting metabolic rate cannot be changed, however there are things you can do to speed up the metabolism you were born with.

Firstly don't skip meals. When you miss a meal due to being busy or due to dieting, your body instinctively goes into starvation mode. This reaction has been in-built into us over millions of years. Your body automatically slows down your metabolism in order to save / keep calories, as it does not know when it will get food again. But when your metabolism slows, so does your rate of burning calories, which means your weight loss processes slow down also.

Eat many small, healthy meals each day. Have you noticed that some people eat 5 or 6 times a day instead of the regular three times, yet they seem to become even more muscular and actually get leaner! The three meals a day mentality is cultural and is a great way of gaining excess weight. To keep your metabolism efficient, eat 4 - 6 small meals, spread evenly throughout the day and try to eat close to the same times each day. Four to six small means healthy, small sized meals. This is very different to snacking on unhealthy foods! For a lot of us, snacking has become a habit - perhaps you do it unconsciously when you're driving or watching TV, or when you are under stress. Snacking increases caloric intake resulting in stored body fat.


Exercise sessions at Cobra such as Martial Arts, Boxercise, weight training and personal training are some of the best ways of stepping up your metabolic rate. Research has shown that martial arts and cross country skiing may be the two highest calorie burning exercises. Weight training will build you more muscle whilst burning fat hence boosting metabolism, as muscle needs a lot more calories to function than fat.

In fact, every kilogram of muscle at rest still burns around 75-80 calories per day, whilst each kilogram of fat burns only 4 calories per day! To put this into perspective, a Big Mac contains about 570 calories, so muscular people will burn off their burgers very quickly, even when not exercising. If you would like your own personal trainer, or maybe a free trial of a family fitness session simply phone 9358 3000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Attacks on Women increase!

Ladies, don't give us the "it will never happen to me" line!

The truth is you DO leave your house, you DO go shopping, you DO pick up your kids from school, you DO go to banks, hair dressers, doctors, you DO have a social life, you DO park your car and homes DO get burgled whilst the occupants are asleep... far too many women live under the illusion that they will never be a victim because "they don't go out to bad places". because "they don't go out at night", because "their husband is a big bloke"... believe me I have heard them all...and yet the figures show that a very high percentage of Australian women are assaulted by the time they are 35...and we don't need to spell out the dangers to teenage girls these days.

Female members of our martial arts programs HAVE needed to use their martial arts to successfully fend off male attackers, thereby saving themselves and their loved ones!

Please take the time to take responsibility for your own safety. Please take the time to distribute this newsletter and inform the women in your family and social circle... you may be saving a life!

If you are interested in taking responsibility for your own life and safety and for that of your daughters and friends, consider one of the following options:

1) Private Women's Self Defence instruction. A private lesson or series of lessons booked by appointment, to teach you and / or your friends and family, the Cobra Rapid-Defence system.

2) Two hour Group Women's Self Defence workshop. A single workshop for Women only. Developed to teach you and your friends / family, basic self defence. Contact us for up and coming workshop dates.

3) Weekly Martial Arts group classes. Join in with the regular, weekly martial arts classes, which combine self defence instruction with exercise. This program has been running for 18 years and is suitable for men, woman and children of all ages.

For more information please email Cobra on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone on 9358 3000.

Product Review: The Kettle Bell

A kettlebell is a centuries-old Russian training tool used to develop muscular strength. In 1913 the Russian magazine Hercules reported that not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics. Although kettlebells develop strength, a kettlebell-trained body is not bulky.

Russian athletes have been using kettlebells for centuries. The 1980 Russian track and field team trained with kettlebells and won gold in all throwing events. The Russian Military has long used kettlebells for conditioning and in fact do not use push-ups in fitness testing but use kettlebells.

When Russian and US Special Forces started competing against each other after the Soviet Union broke up, the Americans made a disturbing discovery when they could not keep up with the Russians. On examination, the main differentiating factor in their training methods was that the Russians used kettlebells. The United States Secret Service has since instituted a 10-minute kettlebell snatch test.

Being a Russian training tool, kettlebells can be difficult to source and are normally ridiculously expensive. Cobra Martial Arts and Fitness Centres is the WA supplier for SM Kettlebells and stocks a large range of sizes. Repeat customers tell us that our prices are the best in WA.

For more information on this training tool, or to book a private instructional session, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (08) 9358 3000.