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13 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with the School Bully

13 Ways to Help Your Child Deal with the School Bully

1. LISTEN to your child. Ask how they have been dealing with the bully to date and talk about other solutions.

2. EXPLAIN why some children are bullies. Often they are troubled children seeking attention. They may be insecure and lacking in self esteem.

3. REASSURE them. Make it clear that being bullied is not their fault.

4. DISCUSS ways your child can react to a specific situation. Let them practice saying 'NO' in various ways in an assertive manner.

5. ENCOURAGE your child to talk about school, and related activities openly. Don't appear to overreact if they speak about a bully, or they may keep it to themselves in future.

6. HELP them to prepare responses to taunts. Bullies are often confused by clever or humorous responses.

7. DEVELOP your child's confidence. Acknowledge their strengths, and praise them often. This will develop a belief in their own abilities. Cobra Martial Arts programs has helped over 10,000 children and adults immensely in this area over 30 years.

8. TEACH your child to act assertively, rather than aggressively, or passively.

9. TEACH your child to minimise opportunities for bullying. e.g. Staying in groups.

10. TEACH your children to resolve conflict in a non-violent way. Model this approach for them. Use of Martial Arts is always the last resort.

11. HELP them to build physical and mental strength, confidence and self defence skills by ensuring they don't miss their Cobra Martial Arts lessons. Seasoned Martial Artists walk tall, with their head held high and with strong posture. Bullies often prefer to move onto weaker looking victims. We work on such body language and posture at Cobra Martial Arts.

12. RESEARCH. Get online and do some research. Bullying can destroy your child's life. There is alot of information online that you have not considered and can help.

13. CONTACT the school by email (in writing) and make an appointment to meet with the teacher, Principal and the child's parents if necessary. Email the school a record of what was discused in the meeting(s) for future reference. We have needed to do this on many occassions for our own five children and the written records may be needed if the situation escalates to the Education Department or Police.

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