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Above and Below the Line Concept
by Sensei Craig Monie

There is a line which separates achievers from the rest. If you operate above the line you take responsibility for your own life. You realise that you are accountable for your own actions and decisions. You take ownership of yourself, your training and your job. You do not blame your boss or work-mates if you are not getting anywhere at work. You take responsibility and change your own circumstances. You do not blame your work or family if you are slipping in your training, you take accountability and find a way of fitting in your training (only 1.5 hrs per week!) These people are winners. They get what they want out of life. They enjoy and live a high quality life. They are the successful ones who think up the stuff for everyone else to do. They work hard and play hard. They go the extra mile and do more than what is required in all aspects of their life including work and training.

Those who operate below the line tend to blame others when things don't work out as they hoped. They make excuses when they don't get things done, instead of taking responsibility and sorting out their problems. They deny the truth, that they control their destiny and they blame everyone but themselves. They often feel that they have been dealt a bad hand in life and believe that is their destiny.

Do you operate above or below the line? Do you sometimes operate above the line and at other times below the line?

When you find yourself blaming your boss, parents, wife, husband, not enough time, not smart enough, wish I went to university, my parents didn't teach me about investing... stop and change your thinking to 'above the line'... take responsibility and fix the problem there and then.

Goal Setting is also sub-conscious

Be careful what you think and say, as it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy. Your mind does not pick up on certain words. If I said "don't think of a pink elephant", which word did your mind not process? Did you picture a pink elephant? So your mind didn't process the word 'don't'. Hence when you talk to yourself which way is better?

Don't drop my guard when sparring OR
I always have my guard up when sparring

I won't miss any classes this term OR
I always attend the required two lessons per week.

Interesting how the mind works! You can set yourself up for failure by not forming your affirmations and goals correctly. Always think of yourself AS the final product. Instead of "I will be a manager some day" SAY "I am a manager".

You become like the people you associate and surround yourself with. If they operate below the line, either teach them to move above the line or consider getting new friends or limiting your time with them. They can drag you down below the line. Think of it as a basket of apples with one rotten one. The rot quickly spreads and contaminates the entire basket unless it is removed.

Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centres has a group of positive achievers who decided they don't want to sit on the couch and eat / drink every afternoon. You are surrounded by good positive people and the positive vibes will rub off onto you and everyone else here.