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27 OCTOBER 2019

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Children's Courses

Grading 'Belt Promotion' Forms - for Measuring Improvement

One requirement for children to pass a belt level is that they are required to return a grading form, signed by their school teacher and a parent. On the form is a tracking grid which the student uses to monitor their outstanding performance at home. Leading up to the grading, your child will tick-off their listed chores each day, such as tidying their bedroom, making their bed and showing 'black belt' respect to their parents.

At grading time, you will sign-off as to whether you are happy with your child's behaviour at home, and their school teacher will sign-off that their school work is of a satisfactory standard. Only once this form is returned 'ticked' and with a parent and teacher's signature, will the student be eligible for belt promotion. This Grading Form, combined with other proven behaviour and attitude adjustment techniques, have resulted in instant and immediate improvements in children's behaviour and schoolwork.

Kids Martial Arts Photos

  • Little Cobras 3-5yo
  • Mativa loves Little Cobra 3-5yo classes!
  • 6-9yo group
  • Today's discussion topic - Respecting Elders
  • Oliver Warren
  • Mr Taylor
  • Antwone & Jordan love Cobra Martial Arts
  • Martial arts technique