Children's Courses

Little Cobras (Ages 3-5)

The Little Cobras program teaches children to associate exercise with fun. They learn to enjoy exercise at an early age, develop self confidence, learn to respect their body and mind and develop basic self defence skills.

Children who enjoy exercise in early life, are likely to excel in any sports they wish to undertake throughout their schooling years. They are less likely to be the ones who bring in 'sick notes' or request to 'sit on the bench' due to lack of confidence, coordination or athletic ability.

Children trained in the disciplines and teachings / discussions of Cobra Martial Arts, are less likely to take up unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and drug use, as they enter primary and high school.

Children who are bullied at a young age are often scarred for life. It often effects their self confidence, schooling and later their family life and career. At Cobra Martial Arts your child will develop strength in body and mind at an early age, as well as self defence skills. They will stand and speak with confidence, meaning that a bully would rather avoid them to find an easier target.

Little Cobras participate in various training drills to develop:

These are important skills which will assist them in their school years and later life.

For a trial private lesson, with no obligation to continue, please read about our Introductory Offer and then either:

1) Contact Sensei via email to advise a suitable day and time for your child's private Introductory Offer lesson OR a free trial group class

2) Call reception on 9358 3000, Mon-Thurs 11.15am - 7pm, or Saturday 9am - 1pm, to book your child's private Introductory Offer lesson OR a free trial group class

3-5yo Group Class Times suitable for Beginners:

Tuesday 3.30pm
Wednesday 3.30pm
Thursday 3.30pm
Saturday 11.45am

If these group class times don't suit, private tuition is available and in some cases, 5yos may be permitted into a 6-9yo class, Contact Sensei.