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Mushin Martial Arts Equipment


Kyoshi - Craig 'The Cobra' Monie

Sensei profile

Master Instructor / Proprietor




  • Black Belt 33 years (6th Degree - Level 8 - Kyoshi) Freestyle Karate (World Karate Association) 
  • Black 6th Degree Muay Thai Kickboxing 'International Trainer Certificate' (World Kickboxing Assocaition)
  • Black Belt Taekwondo (International Taekwondo Federation)
  • Black Belt Zen Do Kai Karate (World Karate Association)
  • Black Belt Filipino Eskrima (Arnis, Kali, Weapons) (Diamondback Eskrima)
  • Blue Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Beston Gracie & Royce Gracie)
  • Reiki Master - Japanese Bio-Energy Healing - Usui Shiki Ryoho system (3rd Degree)
  • State champion and competitor in numerous Martial Arts styles including Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Taekwondo & Karate
  • World Kickboxing Association - Interstate Kickboxing Challenge - Cruiser Weight Champion 2006 Muay Thai 
  • International Instructor Certification
  • Diploma Fitness / Gym Instructor
  • Bachelor of Commerce University Degree - Curtin University
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Father of Five and Grandfather!

Flying Side Kick - Paris

World Kickboxing Association - Interstate Challenge - Muay Thai Cruiser Weight Champion 2006 

Sensei graded / promoted by Luke Beston & Royce Gracie 2009

Royce Gracie with the team

Sotidata Muay Thai Kickboxing Camp 1998 - Bangkok

Pisa, Italy

Anthony Mundine - Boxing

Cairo, Egypt

Breaking examination 1986 

Kickboxing Fight Night - 2004 

Record break - 7 Concrete Slabs

Cannington Shop - Perth

Taekwondo examination 1986

Record Break - 7 Concrete roof tiles 

Old Cannington Centre Shop Front - Perth

Examination - Head Butt 4 Roof Tiles 

Hong Kong

World Kickboxing Association - Cruiser Weight - Winner Interstate Challenge

Parthenon Athens - Greece 2005

Collosseum - Italy 1995

Cebu Phillipines with Grand Master Dionisio Canette (10th Degree)

Cebu Phillipines with Grand Master Edring Casio (10th Degree)

Philipino Eskrima

Cobra Instructors 2003

Muay Thai Institute - Bangkok

Kung Fu Monk Graveyard - Shaolin China

Kung Fu training in Shaolin China

Sensei at the first Kung Fu Shaolin Temple - China

Great Wall of China

Sensei - guest speaker / instructor for self defence 
World Vision India - 2003 

Taj Mahal India

Muay Thai Kickboxing - Sityotong Camp - Pattaya Thailand 2003

Master Rusty Wallace (Kung Fu San Soo) - Senora USA

Kung Fu San Soo - Senora USA

Cobra's First Students - Salter Point Scout Hall 1991-1995

Venice Beach California USA


Arc De Triumph - Paris

Lantau Island - Worlds Biggest Budha

Cambodia 2009

MMA - Ko Samui - Thailand 2009