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Family-friendly Martial Arts

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15 DECEMBER 2019

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Adult Martial Arts

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Cobra Martial Arts is suitable for men and women of all ages. It is ideal for improving health and fitness, weight loss, toning, strength development, self defence skills, self discipline, self control / patience, positive character development, self confidence and ability to achieve goals.

Cobra Martial Arts is a practical, street-wise martial art, self defence, fitness and personal development system, put together in a very unique way. The Master Instructor, who created the syllabus, is not only a martial arts champion, but also a university graduate, motivational speaker and Life Coach. You will now have the opportunity to absorb this life changing knowledge, learn these ellite skills and positively improve your thinking, mind-set and life, through the Cobra Martial Arts program.

The classes are not competitive and not competition or sport oriented. The only person you may wish to compete against is yourself, working to make small, but ongoing improvements in your health & fitness, martial arts skills and life, each week. This is know as 'kaizen' by the Samurai, meaning, 'continuous improvement', or 'change for the better'. 

Sparring (controlled light contact fighting wearing protective equipment) is not required and not compulsory, as many people train at Cobra for other reasons besides 'fighting skills', such as health and fitness, friendships, as a fun activity, or for a positive influence and atmosphere (dojo means place to find 'the way') of support and encouragment, for those who may feel a bit lost or wish to find direction and purpose. Sparring is available, to intermediate and advanced level students, who elect to participate.

New students are introduced to the training with a specially formulated beginner's curriculum, taught in a separate 'beginner' group. Beginners are also welcome to attend adult All Level martial arts classes, if they so choose, where students from beginner level, right up to Black Belt may attend.

In the adult martial arts course you will learn how to defend yourself using your hands, legs, knees and elbows through the arts of Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing and Taekwondo. You will also learn how to apply locks, chokes, holds, restraints, pressure points and take-downs, through the arts of Jiu Jitsu and Eskrima (also known as Arnis and Kali).

In time you will be able to protect yourself and your family, whether it be standing up, on the ground or defending against a weapon attack.

Cobra also promotes the traditional values of martial arts such as respect, self control, integrity, honesty, perseverance, discipline, self healing and goal-setting, which are essential characteristics for a balanced success in life.

For a trial private lesson, with no obligation to continue, please read about our Introductory Offer and then either:

1) Contact Sensei to advise a suitable day and time for your private Introductory Offer lesson OR a free trial group class

2) Call reception on 9358 3000, Mon-Thurs 11.15am - 7pm, or Saturday 9am - 1pm, to book your private Introductory Offer lesson OR a free trial group class

Adult Group Class Times suitable for Beginners:

Monday 6.15pm
Tuesday 4pm or 7.15pm
Wednesday 6.15pm
Thursday 4pm or 6.15pm
Saturday 10.30am




Adult Martial Arts Photos

  • Brad and Cesar learning a restraining technique
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  • Specialist guest instructor weekend workshops are offerred regularly
  • Family focussed
  • Everyone helps everyone at Cobra
  • Practising combinations on the Thai Pads
  • Des and Anil enjoying class
  • Claire on the way to class