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Mushin Fight Gear - Professional Martial Arts & Boxing Equipment

Whether you're an amateur, professional, or a coach... the international label MUSHIN FIGHT GEAR has been the world's undisputed leader in boxing and martial arts equipment for over twenty one years. For your safety and that of your training partners, you need the highest quality training gear available, at affordable prices. Before you step onto your dojo mat or into the ring, make sure MUSHIN FIGHT GEAR is in your corner.

MUSHIN FIGHT GEAR products include boxing gloves, bag gloves, shin guards, head guards, focus pads, thai pads, speed balls, floor-to-ceiling balls, punching bags, uniforms, kickboxing shorts, t-shirts and competition apparel. But when you get right down to the nitty gritty, it all begins and ends with your boxing gloves... and deluxe cowhide leather boxing gloves are what MUSHIN FIGHT GEAR has become known for internationally. Integrating cutting-edge technology, with old-school hand craftsmanship or state-of-the-art machine mold, MUSHIN FIGHT GEAR has established a well earned reputation for providing the highest grade, professional fight gear, at a fair price to the public.

Cobra Martial Arts & Fitness Centre - Cannington Headquarters, in Perth, Western Australia, under license of Mushin Australia Pty Ltd, is the exclusive agent for MUSHIN FIGHT GEAR in Australia and are also the suppliers of other quality martial arts brands and equipment for many other disciplines, including Karate, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Judo, Muay Thai Boxing, Kickboxing, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Jeet Kune Do, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Ninja, Ninjutsu, Ninjukai, Eskrima (Kali, Arnis and stick fighting).


The Meaning of MUSHIN

Mushin is a Japanese word which can be translated to "without mind". It is a mental state into which very highly trained martial artists enter during combat. That is, a mind, not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion and thus open to everything. Mushin is achieved when a person's mind is free from thoughts, including anger, fear and ego, during combat or everyday life.

There is an absence of thought and judgment, so the person is free to act and react instantly, without hesitation and without disturbance from thoughts. At this point, a person relies not on what they think should be the next move, but what is their trained natural reaction or intuition. It is not a state of relaxation however. The mind is said to be working at a very high speed, but with no intentions, plans or direction. In analogy a clear mind is compared to a still pond, which is able to clearly reflect the moon and trees. But as waves in the pond will distort the picture of reality, so will the thoughts we hold onto disrupt the true perception of reality.

A martial artist needs to train for many years to be capable of possessing Mushin. The development of Mushin requires time... years of training... repetitive practice of technique and combinations... many thousands of times, until they can be performed spontaneously, without conscious thought, thus changing your natural reactions to be quicker and more effective in combat, or wherever else you needed.

Some great masters have said that Mushin is the state where a person finally understands the uselessness of techniques and becomes truly free to move. In fact, that person will no longer even consider themselves as 'martial artists' or 'fighters', but, 'merely living beings moving through space'.

The legendary Zen master Takuan Soho once said:

'The mind must always be in the state of 'flowing,' for when it stops anywhere, that means the flow is interrupted and it is this interruption that is injurious to the well-being of the mind. In the case of the swordsman, it means death. When the swordsman stands against his opponent, he is not to think of the opponent, nor himself, nor his enemy's sword movements. He just stands there with his sword, forgetful of all technique, he is ready only, to follow the dictates of the subconscious. The man has effaced himself as the wielder of the sword. When he strikes, it is not the man but the sword in the hand of the man's subconscious, that strikes'.

However, Mushin is not just a state of mind that can be achieved during combat. Many martial artists use kata to help develop this state of mind, so that a flawless execution of moves is accomplished. They can then translate this state of mind into combat, work or sports, or at any other time. Once Mushin is attained through the practicing or studying of martial arts (although it can be accomplished through other arts or practices that refine the mind and body), the objective is to then attain this same level of complete awareness in other aspects of the practitioner's life.

I am sure you will enjoy the comfort and protection of having MUSHIN FIGHT GEAR in your corner!

Craig Monie
Director, Mushin Australia Pty Ltd



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